IPCMC: Pak Lahs the boss, make no mistake

With reference to the inspector-general of police's act of reading one version of his speech in front of our prime minister (without reference to the IPCMC) and having another, more detrimental version, read out on his behalf at other police gatherings on the same day is an act of insubordination.

Nowhere, be it in public or private office, can you tell your boss one thing and tell your team another thing and get away with it. Once the boss (in this case Pak Lah) finds out, you better be prepared for the consequences.

Let me make it very simple and clear to everyone. The country is run by the politicians. The civil service, which can and should give opinions, cannot and must not reject a moral and legal plan made by the government. The police have a duty to maintain law and order. They act on the behalf of the citizens via the elected government.

The Malaysian citizens will never accept the police or the military running this country. For those who think that the police or military can or should run this country, please emigrate to more conducive environments such as the Philippines or any sub-Saharan African country.

Never in Malaysia we will ever lose our democracy and that means the IGP should listen to the prime minister (provided it is a morally and legally a sound request of course) - that's it. No other way about it.

Most Malaysian know that setting up the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission would make the police force's life more difficult as they have to conduct their business of maintaining law and order in a more civilised manner. But this is nothing new.

Even in US and UK, sometimes the police go astray and have to be reined in. Remember the black guy who was beaten on camera by the LA police in Los Angeles? Or perhaps the Brazilian shot dead by the UK police and the subsequent cover up? To Malaysian police personnel, I have to say that you are now being dragged into the 21st century - welcome.

I hope either Pak Lah or his people understand the deep level of support the citizens of Malaysia are giving to the setting up of the IPCMC and therefore act upon this by actually setting it up as soon as possible (ie, next week perhaps?)

Pak Lah, you through your capabilities and your destiny have been chosen to lead this Bumi Bertuah. Please follow what the citizens want and not what the armed police want. You can be sure that millions of Malaysians will be ready to come out and stand by your side.

Tell us when and just one sentence from you will bring out millions onto the streets in support of what you are doing. We will show them who is the boss (PM) and how much support the boss has.