Khairy now a liability for Pak Lah

I refer to your report PM goes on air to defend son, son-in-law.

In spite of all the tears shed, I find it difficult to feel sorry for someone who has managed to borrow RM9.2 million in order to make more millions for himself. At best he is a brilliant opportunist and at worst a corrupt politician capitalising on his relationship with his father-in law.

Pak Lah has recently maintained that his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin has never asked him for anything. Someone should tell him that keeping quiet and not objecting is also a passive form of collusion and is of the worst kind for a man in authority. Feigning ignorance and hoping the problem will go away will not work either, Pak Lah.

When Khairy first burst into the scene he was seen as a well-educated, intelligent, articulate and idealistic Malay. He obviously did not fit the typical Umno mould and much was expected of him to reform Umno from within.

However in his haste to become the youngest prime minister of Malaysia, he has resorted to questionable shortcuts and has tarnished his own good image. He has now become a liability for Pak Lah while not too long ago, he was the ace in his pack.

Pak Lah must recognise the changing winds and while backing up his son-in-law to the hilt makes for strong family ties, it is not clever politics. Khairy has sadly evolved into the same Umno animal that he had tried so hard to disassociate himself from.