Petronas accounts a secret due to us

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I refer to the letter Why Petronas' accounts are secret .

Reader Richard Teo, while being right about the reasons for Petronas keeping its financial accounts secret, should realise that we Malaysians perpetuated this culture in many other government agencies too, especially huge ones like TNB, PNB, Khazanah and the rest.

It is always a 100% bumiputera company that is given the contracts and that is how it is manipulated!

How did we perpetuate this? Why, did we not elect the same coalition to run this 'milk and honey' country since independence? All Malaysians, even the Malays, are at fault for allowing this because no religion permits corruption.

If we want to see change, we first have to change our thinking to realise that this political band of thieves has taken us citizens for a ride for a long time. We must have a strong opposition that transcends racial, religious and cultural divides.

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