Pak Lah, get tough now before its too late

It appears that the present leadership of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has created many unresolved issues and until today Abdullah's stand on them has been very subtle. This so-called 'Mr Clean' or 'Mr Nice Guy' has remain cool and calm while the whole rakyat is devastated by the news that is circulating.

The issues are Dr Mahathir Mohamad's constant attack on the government, Khairy Jamaluddin's affair with ECM Libra-Avenue, Kamaludin Abdullah's business deals, the crooked bridge issue, Umno divisional meetings barring Mahathir from speaking, the sugar shortage, 9th Malaysia Plan project awarding and implementation, the petrol price hikes, the IPCMC and many others.

In this current cyberworld, there are many articles on these issues available on the Internet which provide the reader with full details - details which the mainstream media fails to publish due to fear.

These issues are important to the rakyat and we need a strong and able Pak Lah to resolve them immediately. Just allowing the ministers involved to deal with these issue has not provided results.

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi needs to personally get tough and act fast in settling these issues before the rakyat loses their confidence in him and the Barisan Nasional government he leads.

So Pak Lah, get tough and resolve these issues now even though the end results may not be pleasant to a few top guns.