Why no new vernacular schools?

I would like to express my regret and disappointment with the present government for the 2007 Budget as well as 9MP, which omitted the urgent need of building new primary schools in Malaysia. I would like to seek fair treatment and justice for Chinese and Tamil primary schools in the Ninth Malaysia Plan as there is not a single Chinese or Tamil primary school included in the list of 180 new primary schools for the five-year plan till 2010.

I would like to take the Education Ministry to task for doing such injustice to our vernacular education.

Recently, Singapore's mentor minister was quoted as saying the Chinese community was "systematically marginalised". The present government denies such accusation.

However, after getting some facts from DAP MP Lim Kit Siang on his weblog, it was understood that "there were 310,000 students in 1,333 Chinese primary schools when the nation achieved Independence in 1957, but about 50 years ago, the enrolment in Chinese primary schools have more than doubled to 636,124. There should be a doubling of the number of Chinese primary schools. Instead, there was a decrease of 45 schools from 1,333 to 1,288 Chinese primary schools in the past 50 years".

So, how do you explain this statistic if you denied that the Chinese community is "systematically marginalised"? In fact, it was mentioned in the weblog that it is not only the Chinese community but the Indian community and other minority communities as well who face the same discrimination. Does the education minister care to provide some answers to that?

I would also like to take to task the MCA's Deputy Education Minister Hon Choon Kim as the only representative of non-Umno parties in the Ministry of Education's top post and the cabinet ministers from MCA, MIC, Gerakan and Supp for not standing up to protest or voice their disagreement to Deputy Education Minister Noh Omar when he announced that there will not be any new Chinese nor Tamil schools to be built under Budget 2007 and 9MP. Without the protest or disagreement coming from you, does it mean that you have agreed to accept such an unjust plan?

I believe most non-bumiputeras, correction, non-Malays in this country were relieved when Singapore's minister mentor spoke out for them. At last, someone is decent enough to voice our dissatisfaction with the present policy. Unfortunately, that someone has to be an "outsider" and not our representative in the Parliament. This, I believe, is due to the Internal Security Act in our country which can be abused by the present government, which had already abused it many a time.