Let's stop marginalising the Malays

I would like to thank FN for his letter (Chinese M'sians must accept their lot). Perhaps Lee Kuan Yew does not understand the situation in Malaysia enough to comment on the social and economic issues. Perhaps Lee is wrong when he allegedly remarked that the Chinese in Malaysia are a marginalised lot.

No, no, as FN would argue, "the Chinese just have to accept the fact that living in Malaysia means they have to be subordinate to the 'sons of the soil' " and "the government should further restrict the economic interests of the Chinese". Whoever said the Chinese were a marginalised lot?

Now what I find interesting is why FN does not ask questions like why "there are just not enough wealthy Malays in the country" (which I think there are aplenty, but that's just my humble opinion)? Has FN ever wondered why some Chinese "are able to have big houses and multiple cars"? Perhaps some are well-connected, or just as likely it is all down to sheer hard work?

No, we are not questioning that the 'sons of the soil' have their right to buy houses at discounted prices and have a more-than-fair chance at securing university places.

I just want to question why the 'sons of the soil' are marginalised by being removed from any sort of competitive environment that would otherwise make them resilient. I would really like to question why they are marginalised by being not given the chance to stand on their on two feet and be prepared when faced with the harsh reality of life.

So let's stop marginalising the Malays, and let them have a fair go at achieving their full potential on a level-playing field. So thank you, FN, for bringing this matter up with such sincerity and elegance.