Two sets of laws running the country

Recent events in our beloved country indicate that we have two sets of law - one for the commoners and the other for the politically connected.

The first case in question involve the unpaid fines for traffic offences by ministers. These ministers accumulated fines to the tune of a few thousand ringgit. Yet there were no summonses nor were they dragged to face charges in the court.

Unlike what I used to see on TV where ordinary folk were dragged out from their sleep in the wee hours of the morning, handcuffed and bundled onto a waiting truck just for not paying up a few hundred ringgit in fines for traffic offences.

Then very often, we read of council workers tearing down buildings which were erected without approval form the local authority. This action is commendable because laws have to be respected and obeyed.

What really annoyed me is that Zakaria Deros, who erected his mansion in Pandamaran, Klang in the same manner, had just been slapped a fine of RM24,000. In actual fact, his mansion should have been torn down the way it would have been if ordinary folk had been the ones who had built it.

In fact, he should be fined much more than that, being a councillor of the town.

Now , Pak Lah has all this while been championing for a 'first-class mentality' among Malaysians. To achieve it, the offending ministers who ignored their traffic summonses should be sent to jail and Zakaria Deros' mansion be torn down

Otherwise, let us have two sets of law - one for the well-connected and the other for commoners.