PM not putting peoples mandate to good use

Looks like we Malaysians are an emotional lot. We do not see facts straight but from the angle of emotions. The news, it seems, are spinning a picture of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (TDM) bullying Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (AAB). Because of his good nature, Abdullah is not fighting back but the 'bad' TDM keeps on whacking. The other cabinet members all come out to play savior in telling off TDM for bullying AAB.

I think Malaysians must get to the facts. What has AAB achieved? Relative press freedom, yes, but he is definitely not as capable as TDM in management and intellectual thinking and has therefore resorted to delegation.

So this delegation is taken as administration by consensus. In actual fact, a lot among the rakyat cannot partake in the decision-making without having the full picture and a qualified mind and experience. We have a government of elective transparency (example is the 18.9% or 45% bumi equity case) and a pro-government media portraying a picture that is able to sway the people's feelings towards the desired outcome.

Such as the current situation where TDM is portrayed as the mad man going around attacking the Mr Nice Guy. Appearing nice aside, do we see progress in the country? And in what aspect? Seriously looking at the situation, you think we are making progress? I mean in terms of transforming the country and its rakyat to become First World citizens? Our education system? Our climate for investment? Our crime rate? Our competitiveness as a country? Have all these progressed?

It seems under AAB, not only have the issues above deteriorated, but the government has been very inward looking. The government is not encouraging the country to be competitive against other countries and always portrays a rosy picture of our 'achievements'. Any analysis that says otherwise are swept under the carpet.

The past few months, the government seem to be obsessed with TDM. Do we see any progress on other fronts? If AAB is truly for the country and rakyat, why is he worried of TDM's criticism? What can TDM do, as he puts it? Why not focus on bringing the country progress and results rather than taking on TDM and dragging everyone in the cabinet, including royalty and retired politicians, into the picture?

I do not see how these can bring productivity to the country. If these people who come out strongly in support of AAB are so much for the progress for the country, why not channel their energy to something more productive for the country? Let them urge the government to look into revamping the education system and focus on continuous learning to bring the rakyat to a higher level of intellectualism.

Urging everyone to come out to say they support the prime minister is a total waste of time and effort. If a leader needs a continuous show of support, I think he lacks confidence and is not putting his mandate from the people to good use. We did not vote AAB in to be just the PM.

We voted for a person who will deliver on his promises which, after past half-way mark now, there is not much to show. Instead of working hard, he has been wasting time spinning news about how many people come out in support of his cause. What cause? Surviving Mahathir's criticism or bringing progress to the country?