Selangor reps: Call in the pest control people

I refer to the report Assemblymen back MB's stand in which assemblymen in Selangor from the various political parties said that they should be allowed to retain their councillorships.

In the report, of course, the various assemblymen gave their 'good' reasons to justify their own appointments. This is obvious as being a 'little emperors' or to be more correct 'warlords', has all the perks and entitlement besides the chances for abuse. Without questions, too, since the MB is also in cahoots with them.

To quote Kampung Tunku assemblyperson and Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) senior councillor Wong Sai Hou 'elected representatives who are made councillors have the people's interest at heart'.

What nonsense is he trying to claim? Remember his famous 'every cents spent for even a piece of string will also be accounted for' remark during the height of the MPPJ controversy on revealing their accounts? What has happened since then? No answer and everything is forgotten. You call this 'having the interest of the people at heart'? More of a 'keep my pocket's interest at heart' if you ask me!

To quote another assemblyperson Lim Choon Kim (Damansara Utama) assemblyman 'his constituents were comfortable with the idea of him being a councillor too because he could raise issues affecting residents directly with the council'.

Is Lim sure the constituents really want him to be appointed councillor? Maybe only a handful of his henchmen wanted his appointment but definitely not the residents of Damansara Utama because I am living here and every resident curses him for his disappearing acts. He can only be seen during election time or when there is a function with the TV and media around so as to be seen. I challenge him to meet me for his claim.

It is unbelievable that clowns such as all these irresponsible rodents are elected year in and year out. It is time the electorate wake up from their slumber and vote in someone else to represent them. Someone incorruptible.