Dont let politicans take us for granted

Pak Lah's so-called open style of government is coming back to bite him. Not only does it expose the illegal and corrupt practices of some elected members of the ruling party, it also shows up the weaknesses of his government in not making these people accountable for their indiscretions.

Does he not realise that the rakyat - who are mostly eking out a mere existence - are simply astounded at the wealth that our so-called representatives have managed to accumulate. To add injury, they are openly flaunting it in our faces with no recriminations except for the odd chiding and slap on the wrist. Being now told that they are also above the law should not surprise us in the least bit.

I am sure that malaysiakini columnist Sim Kwang Yang does not really mean it when he says that he is not proud to be a Malaysian, but his feelings of anger and helplessness are understandable and his is a cry borne out of shame and a sense of betrayal at the depths our leaders have allowed our country to descend to.

We have become a country led by an out-of-his-depth and out-of-touch prime minister, sliding into obscurity in the region, propped only by Petronas's billions and bombastic proclamations of ambitious intent little supported by action nor facts.

The only failure that this government will admit to is, not surprisingly, again, the failure of the NEP.

Years of Barisan Nasional rule have made this government arrogant and it is time to transcend the politics of race for the future of our country. Come the next election, channel your anger through the ballot box and wipe the smug smiles of their faces.

Only when we claim the high ground where our elected representatives do not dare take us for granted can we then have less reason to be ashamed to be a Malaysian.