Scrap NS programme before more die

    I refer to the malaysiakini report Another NS death - she's number 19.

    The national service programme should be stopped now. How many more innocent children have to come back in body bags before this government sits up to take notice of the haphazard, hasty implementation of the programme?

    We've had enough and we will have to make it an election issue if this is what it takes for this BN government to listen to the rakyat. The NS camps need full-time doctors and nurses, and each camp should have good facilities. I have heard that hygiene is poor, the food has flies and many of the trainees suffer from diarrhea.

    I wonder - just like the NS transportation contract which was awarded to people in the Defence Ministry who had no prior experience in transportation - if other facilities like food supply and equipment have been awarded to contractors who compromise on quality for the ringgit as well. This has become a way of life in Malaysia and it is more than likely to happen.

    The government should scrap the NS training programme immediately. If there are issues of racial integration or social ills among our young, tackle them at the school level. Allow private outward-bound style youth training companies to work with schools to organise holiday camps of some sorts for student. Anything but them dying.