Subashini case: Shahrizat wrong, it does matter

What a shame to the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. This the very Ministry which is supposed to be sensitive to what happens to Malaysian women and families. It has a huge responsibility towards Malaysian children.

I also wonder what happened to the integrity and honesty of our beautiful Parliament. It's really very quiet and silent apart from some MPs voicing out.

I am, of course, referring to the Subashini case.

Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said the civil court's decision in the Subashini case must stand, adding that it didn't matter which court such cases were heard in so long as justice is served.

This statement is a clear reflection of how much the honourable minister knows about cross- culture and inter-religious reality especially for women, children and families as a whole in Malaysia. I am humbly inviting Shahrizat to use some sincerity and study carefully her very own statement: 'It doesn't matter which court such cases were heard in so long as justice is served'.

My question: assuming Shahrizat's daughter or son is involved in a legal matter, in let's say Africa, and he or she is asked to go to a tribal African court which practices pagan teachings. How will Shahrizat feel? The tribal African courts are also believed to dispense justice according to their perception and belief system.
I have faith in the Malaysian Parliament as a whole. There are still many ministers who have a high mental maturity and they use their God-given consciences to make important decisions.

At the same time, there are some ministers who are just hanging on to their positions for reasons only they will know. Well, you might have your own selfish reasons for holding onto your political positions, but please, I humbly request you to spend a little of your precious time to learn about the real sufferings of women, children and families.

All I am asking is just a few minutes to see with your heart what is really happening to women, children and families especially when they are faced with a legal battle which involves religion and culture. You might just understand and realise why the non-Muslim community is troubled by cases such as Subashini's.

I am inviting educated Malaysians to please wake up, team up and voice up. At the same time let us pray to the Almighty God to get rid of the unwanted weeds in our judiciary as well as in our Parliament.