Ijokians must reject politics of deceit, opportunism

I call on Ijok voters to turn out in full force this Saturday and to decisively reject the politics of deceit, opportunism and covert bribery by voting out BN candidate and voting instead for the opposition and PKR candidate, Khalid Ibrahim.

By doing so, the humble Ijok inhabitants will set an example to all Malaysians on the use of the democratic vote and ballot box and send these important messages to the ruling Barisan Nasional government.

  • that Malaysians are not the docile and easy-to-buy electorate that BN politicians take everyone (including themselves) to be;

  • that the Malaysian electorate expects more from their elected representatives and parties than sporadic service and work;

  • that Ijok inhabitants will not be coopted, intimidated or browbeaten into choosing their representative by the unfair use of what should be politically neutral public resources.

I also wish to express my strong endorsement of PKR and Khalid as the right party and right candidate to bring the Ijok people into the mainstream of development, a path denied to this poor marginalised region for so long, despite the constituency's support of the BN for many years.

Whatever the outcome on Saturday, PKR's and the larger opposition's campaign in Ijok is opening a new page in Malaysian political history by breaking the BN mould of self-serving and self-enriching elite bargaining.

The partnership between the multi-ethnic opposition and civil society volunteers in Ijok brings hope that Malaysians can rise above the selfish and opportunistic racial divide and rule regime perfected by the Barisan Nasional.

It also brings hope that our young people Malays, Chinese, Indians and others - can work together for a brighter common future based on the shared values and sacrifice of all Malaysians.