Complaining about govt not the same as questioning

In response to letter Leave MIC to do its own job, I must say that it clearly reflects someone who is used to the 'do not question' style that has been planted in her brain for the past 50 years or so (perhaps less, depending on your age). By questioning MIC and its leaders, why can't someone achieve the greatness that the writer outlined?

She is the product of the 'brainwashing' of the local media which is controlled by the ruling party. Questioning government, politicians, policies, etc, are not any form of bickering. This is what is known as check and balance. Many Malaysians still fail to understand that every ringgit spent by the government is in reality their hard-earned ringgit.

We should have every right to question the government, whether it is Umno, MCA, MIC or any other party that uses the taxpayers money.

The writer stated that the MIC is a political party that has spread its wings to become a socio- economic party to take on extra responsibilities. Why should they take on 'extra responsibilities' when they have failed to take even care of the core issues.

After 50 years, they have still failed to lift the social economic status of the Indians in this country to where it should be. As an Indian, I want answers from my political leaders but they choose to remain mum on these issues.

I think the writer is confusing the terms 'complaining' with 'questioning'. If you read independent news sites, blogs and foreign newspapers, you will notice that the 'complaining' is not just targeted to one party. I have nothing against the MIC, but at the same time, I want answers. Not only from the MIC, but from the entire Barisan Nasional government.

Who told them they can spend RM36 million ringgit (so far) in Ijok? And why now? Why didn't MIC fight to have street lights in Ijok all these years? If this is the case, I am sure every constituent would love for their representative to suddenly die so that they can reap the sudden benefits of a by-election.

This is an unfair practise to the opposition in this country. I am sorry to say but this is not what a fair government is supposed to do. I think, therefore I question.