Make it compulsory for converts to inform spouses

After all the letters and views expressed recently in media on the issue of conversion, I suggest that the government enact a law requiring converts to inform - as a matter of courtesy and obligation under the oath of matrimony - their spouse of their wish to convert to Islam.

This law must specify that when a person converts to Islam, it should be made compulsory for him or her to inform his or her spouse of the move and the convert should sign a statement before an officer of the law acknowledging that the spouse has been informed.

There should also be a cooling off period, of say two weeks, between the spouse being actually informed and the actual conversion so that the couple can have a heart-to-heart discussion on the matter. This is necessary because any conversion will have a direct impact on the spouse regarding the status of the children, inheritance, burial and so on.

This requirement will avoid a lot of confusion or misunderstanding like in the many cases highlighted recently. By making it compulsory to inform the spouse, at least the spouse will be given a choice as to whether to seek separation or follow the partner's path and be converted as well.

I would like to think that if you believe in a certain faith, you should let your family members know and not keep it a secret. What is there to be secretive if you really believe what you're doing is right?