Rapper shouldnt have humiliated Islam

I refer to the letter Negarakuku: Understand where composer is coming from by TMF.

The majority of Malaysians do not deny the fact that the so-called Namewee has the right to voice out his feelings . He can say as loud as he can whatever he wants to tell. What hurt most Malaysians, especially Muslims, was when he humiliated the religion of Islam by questioning why there should be the call of prayers from the mosques and the rationale for why Muslim women wear the 'tudung'.

Now, this fact was left out by TMF and most of the other writers who were in support of Namewee as if we Muslims do not understand a single word of the language sung by Namewee.

Secondly, why did Namewee have to use 'Negara Ku' as the background for voicing out his feelings? Negara Ku is our national anthem and it is sacred and should be respected. He could have used any other song, say one Siti Nurhaliza or even the national anthem of Taiwan (where he is residing now).

Or simply any other song he liked.

What is more, he changed the name of the national anthem to 'Negarakuku'. Any normal-thinking person would regard this as a show of disrespect to the national anthem and thus, to the nation as well

TMF does not have to quote the examples of national anthems of other countries to support his argument. What is good for others may be bad for us. Malaysia is Malaysia and should not be compared with any other country on this matter .