Umno's heydays are numbered

The erosion of Umno's leadership credibility has become more apparent after the two historic rallies by Bersih and Hindraf. The impact of these two mammoth peaceful rallies by the Malaysian public, despite draconian and barbaric threats by the Umno-regulated police force, clearly indicates the progressive degeneration of Umno and its effeminate coalition member parties.

This augurs well for the Malaysian people. Having succumbed to Umno's fear tactics for a long time, this new outburst of audacity and courage has put Umno leaders into a fix. It was not said in vain, that truth will ultimately triumph.

Both these rallies witnessed the tearing asunder of the oppressive forces that had kept the people intimidated. Anguish and discontentment had reached the critical mass. The volcano of frustration and disenchantment with the leadership has exploded twice.

Dumbfounded and shocked, the arrogant Umno leaders whose minds are obscured by political egocentrism, did not know what struck them. It is just the beginning. Justice and fairness cannot be contained by mortal power forever. Sooner or later, the latent power will be released and its cleansing effects will become crystal clear.

The "people power" forces released by this initial explosion has struck a devastating blow to Umno and their pathetic eunuchs, the subservient coalition parties. Its foundation is shaken, spirit weakened and a fear has been created though not openly expressed.

These are the definite signs of Umno's impending decline and fall. Umno is not challenged by Malaysians alone. The entire fair-minded and civilised world has joined in to expose its political crimes committed in the guise of democracy. Its rogue leadership is laid bare to the people of the world. The power of truth is fast devastating Umno and its coalition partners.

We thank God for letting this happen. Umno's heydays are numbered. It is getting weaker and becoming more of a parasite than a respected political party with genuine dignity. At last, the road map for the corrupt Umno's final collapse has been charted. The people, propelled by the power of truth, has finally decided to rid the nation of a party that has forsaken its duty to safeguard the interests of the people.

May God bless the people of Malaysia for their great spirit in upholding truth, justice and fairness. Let us, Malaysians, irrespective of race or creed, bring greatness to our beloved nation.