If only Pak Lah can hear them out

Despite extreme pressures from various parties and Umno supreme council members, past and present, to bring in Hindraf leaders under Internal Security Act, the prime minister has not succumbed to them. The lure to implement this easy solution to the Hindraf "menace" is extremely great. This is where we see his extraordinary display of moderation and kindness, the basic qualities we aspire of each other as human beings at a time where others are going overboard.

When the whole nation was reeling with the Hindraf problem, he said "enough" and pointed to the vast majority of the population who are silent and peaceful. Thanks for his direction at a time when there is a lot of noise around. Stable to the core, he has not given in to emotions. This is Pak Lah. No Malaysian leader has faced such a situation.

Thank God that it is the benevolent Pak Lah with us! Coming from a humble background, he knows that Malaysian race relations goes beyond the 50 years. Malays, Chinese and Indians understand each other. We have the best race relations which go beyond politics, it goes to the basics of human nature.

Hindraf’s demonstration is merely the venting of the Indian community’s long suppressed outcry. They have mentioned that for a long time they have sought avenues of expression but there was none. It was just a peaceful demonstration that went bad. A positive approach by the police would have elevated the situation. The vast majority of Malaysian citizens are educated. They know what freedom is. ISA is a coercive machinery which is not relevant today. It scuttles through the very essence of democracy and the constitution.

Hindraf themselves did not even expect such a tremor of worldwide publicity. They simply wanted to hold a peaceful display of their grievances. Taking the matter to Queen Elizabeth and the claim of trillions of dollars was just an approach to voice problems faced by the Indian community.

With the ISA hanging over them like the Sword of Damocles, things got too serious and they had to seek help elsewhere, be it right or wrong. If only Pak Lah can hear them out. There are very few Indians, perhaps even none, who would have taken such risks to address the problems of the Indian community. Is it wrong to contribute towards one's society? Hundreds of Indian professionals and graduates have benefitted from scholarships and university placements bestowed by the government but they have contributed nothing in return.