A voting guide for PJ residents

The PJ Residents Association would like to call on the residents of Petaling Jaya to take stock of the services of the elected representatives to date. With the general elections around the corner, it is time for the voters of PJ to review the performance of the elected representatives in their respective constituencies.

The residents could take the following criteria into consideration while deciding which candidates are worth their votes.

1. What is their service track record?

2. How often were they available at their service centers to meet the public?

3. Have they regularly visited their constituencies since the last election? If so, how often?

4. Do they have a good understanding of local issues for PJ?

5. Were they vocal in their respective state assemblies and during parliamentary debates? What kinds of issues did they bring up during the assembly meetings?

6. Did they champion the protection of the environment (such as advocating for green lungs, recreational parks, forests, etc?

7. How did they contribute to the enrichment of the local community within their constituencies (ie, through education, sports, religion, welfare, etc.)?

8. Have they regularly attended parliamentary and state assembly meetings?

9. Have they frequently coordinated with the local councils (such as MPPJ and MPSJ) to address the issues raised by local citizens?

10 Are they friendly, open and transparent people with good governance practices?

We wish to stress here that residents should not be emotional. Instead, they should vote based on how the elected representatives have contributed to the progress and development of their community. Voters should ensure that they pledge to deliver based on the expectations of the local community.

At an appropriate time, and with feedback from its members, the PJ Residents Association will decide and announce the candidates it will support in the coming general elections. It is vital for voters to make wise decisions in order to create a livable PJ and sustainable communities.

Residents may send in their comments and suggestions to: [email protected] or call 016-6880455

The writer is the president, PJ Residents Association.