Malaysian women fume over Spore's big breast contest

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Women politicians and rights group in Malaysia have lashed out a Singaporean TV station for holding a big breast competition, calling it a humiliation of women's dignity, a report said today.

"No women in their right mind will tolerate this utter rubbish. I find it difficult to imagine that a TV station can stoop so low as to use a woman's body to entertain its audience," said MCA Wanita secretary Chew Mei Fun.

Singapore's Channel V crew had been sighted attempting to recruit generously endowed local women here to join the aptly named 'Big boobs contest', reported the Star newspaper.

An opposition activist urged the TV station from the tiny republic to cancel the contest and apologise to women in Malaysia and Singapore.

In replying to the criticisms, the station said the contest had not intended to offend women, but was held to "promote the beauty of a healthy body", the report said.

Station officials declined to elaborate. — AFP

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