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The authorities have confiscated two books published by Kinibooks, a subsidiary of Malaysiakini , in separate operations conducted in Malacca and Penang.

book 1funny malaysia The books - ‘1FunnyMalaysia’ and ‘Where is Justice?’ - were seized from the Popular Book Store at the Melaka Shopping Centre, Malacca today, while an earlier operation was conducted at another branch of the bookstore in Gurney Plaza, Penang on Jan 7.

According to the authorities, the books "could pose a threat to public order, morality, security”. A total of 74 copies of the books were seized in both operations.

book where is justice In Malacca, a team of officers from the police headquarters visited the Malacca branch of Popular Book Store today and removed 40 copies of the books from the shelves.

According to them, the raid was carried out under section 18 of Printing Presses and Publications Act (PPPA).

Section 18 of the PPPA states that the authorities are empowered to “seize and detain” any publication which they have reason to believe to be evidence of an offence under the act.

Meanwhile, 34 copies of the both books were seized by officers from the Home Ministry in Penang three weeks ago.

1Funny Malaysia is a compilation of cartoonist Zunar's works while Where is Justice is about death and brutality in police custody focusing on four prominent cases involving Teoh Beng Hock, A Kugan, Altantuya Shaariibuu, and Anwar Ibrahim.

More information at Kinibooks:


‘Where is Justice?’  

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