Panel makes late-night visit to scene of teen shooting

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Hours after the special panel to probe the fatal shooting of teenager Aminulrasyid Amzah was formed, it went on the ground late last night to begin investigations.

NONE Headed by Deputy Home Minister Abu Seman Yusop ( right ), the eight-member panel started its field work by visiting key areas in Shah Alam, and following the trail that Aminulrasyid and his friend took before the bloodshed about 2am on April 26.

The panel members started their 6km journey from a mamak restaurant in Section 7 where the 14-year-old and his friend had watched football late into the night, to the Kayangan roundabout where their car had allegedly grazed another vehicle.

The panel also stopped by the area where the police started chasing the Proton Iswara driven by the teen, as well as the exact location where the first shot was fired, about 500m from where the victim lived.

T azlan he panel then went to the final stop where the car had hit a tree and crashed into a drain a stone's throw away from Aminulrasyid's house.

The panel, which includes former inspector-general of police Mohammed Haniff Omar, also spoke to witnesses in the neighbourhood, who  gave their version of what transpired.

Businessman Wan Rahim Tajuddin, whose house was at the spot Aminulrasyid's car had crashed, told the panel members that he heard a loud crash but did not make much of it.

" NONE It was only the next day when the neighbours were talking about it, that they told me of the drama. They said that it was like a TV3 drama," he said.

He also recounted that Aminulrasyid was a good friend of his son and that he used to send the two boys together to their part-time jobs at a McDonald's outlet.

"They also used to play futsal until late, to the point where I had to drag both of them home," he said, adding that this was a clique of 'football maniacs'.

Full entourage

The special panel, which was announced last week, was not exactly subtle in its turun padang foray, which began at around 11pm.

NONE Their Home Ministry bus was escorted by a police outrider, along with a convoy of nearly five police cars and numerous other journalists who tracked the journey.

When they stopped at Section 11 where Aminulrasyid died, there were roughly 30 journalists, scores of policemen and numerous curious onlookers in the otherwise quiet, upper-class neighbourhood.

But the panel's work is not done, said Abu Seman.

"So far we are quite satisfied with what we have seen here but it is still not conclusive," he said.

The panel's mandate is only to monitor the police investigations, to make sure that this is transparent and fair to all parties.

special penal visit site of aminul shooting 3 It will also review the standard operating procedure of the police when discharging their weapons while on duty.

In the incident, Aminulrasyid was shot in the back of the head when police opened fire into the car during the alleged chase.

The teen's friend who was in the car has disputed the police version of the incident, which was that that the driver had tried to ram the vehicle into the police car.

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