Attacks persist, Malaysiakini set to go LIVE tomorrow

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Malaysiakini servers remain online despite an unrelenting three-day denial-of-service attack.

The attacks, which started on Tuesday, forced Malaysiakini to establish a set of new servers at an alternative datacentre.

Malaysiakini technology team has successfully restored the website’s main content - in four languages as well as videos. However, certain services such as the comment pages remain unavailable.

Given the heavy traffic, Malaysiakini is running on a 'lean mode' with a stripped-down, graphic-light frontpage.

Malaysiakini is also available through Wordpress .

One million visitors expected

For the polling day tomorrow, Malaysiakini is preparing to support over one million visitors.

"As in 2008, we expect most Malaysians will turn to Malaysiakini for the latest results. In 2008, our servers lasted until 11pm before they crashed.

"This time we hope it will go all night despite the cyber-attacks,” said Malaysiakini CEO Premesh Chandran.

Malaysiakini will go live beginning at 8am when polling stations across Sarawak open for voting. Voting closes at 5pm and the first results are expected at around 8pm.

“We will continue our live coverage until the final results are known,” said Chandran.

Malaysiakini will also integrate Twitter into its frontpage, following keywords such as #Sarawak, #srwk and #Sarawak4change.

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