For Umno leaders, the claws are out

vox populi small thumbnail'Umno is effectively saying - you are causing us unease, we will react violently, and it will be your fault, even if you're peaceful.'

Ali Rustam wants Ambiga's citizenship revoked

Louis: Bersih chief S Ambiga is a hero. She is a patriot. She is the savior of our country. She is indeed a true Malaysian. How can the government deny her citizenship?

On the other hand, traitors are those who plunder our country's wealth. Traitors are those who use our money to bail out their cronies. Traitors are those who are corrupt. Traitors are those who prevent Bersih from handing its memo to the king.

Dharma: Malacca Chief Minister Ali Rustam's arrogance and ego makes him think he has the license to revoke Ambiga's citizenship.

The lies and hypocrisy of these evil characters are laid bare for all of us to see. For all their tough posturing, the moment this strong and determined female leader rises up, especially one who refused to be bullied by these thugs, their true colours show.

These Umno thugs want violence, because they are beginning to understand it is the only remaining path to accomplish their agenda.

DannyLoHH: This is rich coming from someone who was found guilty of money politics by Umno itself.

Of course, Ali Rustam will have an axe to grind with Ambiga. For Bersih under the leadership of Ambiga is calling for free and fair elections, while he is an established vote-buyer. A free and fair election is the last thing he wanted to see in his life.

Bender: If May 13 should happen again, guess whose fault would that be? Look who's declaring war already? No one among Bersih supporters has mentioned anything about any war or weapons or crusade or chaos.

All these had been raised/mentioned not by Bersih supporters, but by the Umno/BN camp (Perkasa, Ibrahim Ali, Khairy Jamaluddin, etc). The most threatening thing about Bersih thus far is the yellow shirt (I dunno, maybe it could blind someone under the bright sun?).

But these silat folks are declaring war. Yet they accused Bersih of being the culprit. Do you have any brain at all, Rustam?

Quigonbond: Who is threatening bloodshed? Not Bersih, but Perkasa and Pemuda Umno. For us to get from peaceful assembly (Bersih's stated aim since more than a month ago) to Ambiga being accused of potentially causing loss of life, is simply mind boggling.

BN is effectively saying - you are causing us unease, we will react violently, and it will be your fault, even if you're peaceful. If one takes that further and ask - why are you uneasy, Ali Rustam will answer - because only BN has the right to run this country.

BN has not said it, but it is implied in their action to demonise a movement calling for free and fair elections, because they are like school bully who can't stand being defeated on a level-playing field.

Md Imraz Muhammed Ikhbal: And what Ali Rustam said is not a national threat to our home minister? I will not be surprised if soon, the rape victim will be convicted for accessory in allowing the rapist to rape her. Even those who are violently stabbed may be sued for soiling with their blood the attires of their unprovoked assailants.

Nothing is far fetched anymore in Malaysia. Just mere months ago, who ever thought that wearing yellow could get you arrested?

Yield Now Attack GE13: It is better for us to yield now. Cancel the Bersih rally. Umno will crow and thumb their chest in victory. So be it. Let us use our vote to throw them out.

I've seen too much death and suffering in KL during the May 13, 1969 riots. There was a leader then who made threatening remarks. We are seeing the same now. For the sake of our nation, let us call this off.

But let us never, never forget all these leaders' actions. Let us remove them in the next election.

Chuath: "I am worried that a May 13 may reoccur. This is in our history, we have been through this before so it should not be taken lightly. Maybe the younger generation are not aware of this."

I really do hope that our history book will record who, how and why May13 happened. And was the citizenship of the people who actually planned the killing exiled or had their citizenship revoked?

Najib tells Ambiga: We'll keep our claws

Senior Citizen: Mr PM, hear and hear me well. I thought you come from a good family with good upbringing in a mission school and that too from a La Salle school. Now it is plain and simple for all to see, you have blemished your upbringing and the La Salle name. Shame on you.

Please do me a favour. You have lost your bearing and your good senses. Do not make it worse. Please hand in your resignation and pass the baton to a more capable person.

JBGUY: Najib, please answer this, which Bersih's demands is not fair and why are you afraid of implementing these demands. Your stance seems to indicate you are not in favour of a fair election, and you are afraid that BN may lose if a fair election takes place.

DannyLoHH: If the election is free and fair then how could Najib explain the overwhelming number of seats won by BN with just a little over 50% of popular votes?

It is already an established fact that the elections are not fair and heavily in favour of BN due to gerrymandering, abuse of state and federal machinery, tainted electoral roll, rigged postal votes and a bias Election Commission.

Changeagent: What's the problem, Najib? If Malaysia was such a democratic country as you claimed, unlike the Middle Eastern countries, then what is your issue with a rally that is aimed at increasing the transparency of the electoral system?

Anonymous: Najib contradicts himself by bragging about people's support and yet opposes electoral reform.

If what you say is true, just implement the reforms, then there will be no Bersih and you still win the election. The way he talks is as if he has personal vendetta against Ambiga. Ambiga certainly has more grace and wisdom than Najib.


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