Heads must roll in EC for 200,000 'dubious' voters

YOURSAY 'Those false and duplicated voters must be expurgated and remove from the electoral list before allowing GE13 to take place.'

Voter audit reveals 200,000 dubious records

your sayM'sia4All: This is not just gerrymandering, it is fraud at the highest degree amounting to cheating and abetting.

The Election Commission (EC) should be brought to court and all previous elections possibly declared illegal. All these wrongdoings must be cleansed and expunged.

Those false and duplicated voters must be expurgated and remove from the electoral list before allowing GE13 to take place.

Nik V: The sad reality is if these allegations are true, it would mean that even if the majority of Malaysians want change for a better Malaysia for all, Umno-MCA-MIC-BN are more interested in appearing to have won in order to retain their corrupt power.

How can the rakyat save Malaysia from these racially-based elitist? That is my question to Pakatan Rakyat.

Kgen: The 785 police and army personnel who are registered as both postal voters and normal voters is just the tip of the iceberg. It is well-known that every police and army personnel have two votes - one postal vote and one civilian vote.

Keturunan Malaysia: First, let's hope all members of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Electoral Reform are people with integrity.

Second, let's hope they do a very thorough check before the next polls. Third, let's hope they make public all the 'errors' they find so that the voters can decide for themselves to what extent the correctness and/or incorrectness of our present voter records because as it stands, many voters have very little respect for the said records.

Fourth, probe what are the other weakness apart from those 'errors' coming from the records that, especially any ruling party, can easily exploit, and provide the necessary remedies.

Perhaps only this way can the outcome of the next GE have some semblance of credibility that cheating, if at all there still is, is kept to the barest minimum.

You Like to Play Play: Having 200,000 voters listed as ‘dubious' does not mean that anyone can vote in their place. It only means that the electoral roll needs cleaning up.

Malaysiakini loves to sensational everything. Mimos (Malaysian Institute Of Microelectronic Systems) is a government agency and they were asked to do the clean up of the electoral roll.

Why doesn't Malaysiakini say that the present government has got its own agencies to clean it up, and praise them for it?

Shanandoah: The EC boss must be sacked immediately. What has he been doing all this while - sleeping on his job and drawing 'gaji buta'.

If not for Bersih 2.0, we will still be in the dark living in this ‘best democracy' in the world. What a fraud on unsuspecting Malaysians.

David Dass: We either believe in democracy or we do not. If the rakyat do not believe that the election results reflect the will of the people, they will lose faith in the whole democratic process. And that could lead us down a perilous path to perdition.

At the core of democracy is trust in the people - that the people will make the right choice. In the end, democracy is government of the people, for the people and by the people.

These bizarre electoral register anomalies must be corrected before the next elections. Malaysia has done quite well thus far. But all have observed signs of slippage. We must not go the way of many other countries.

Development is a product of transparent, accountable, enlightened government. Even democracies can go wrong. Look at America and Europe. But on balance, more totalitarian states go wrong then democracies.

In democracies, there are checks and balances. There is public discussion of crucial issues.

Manjit Bhatia: One of the greatest tests for Malaysians is to wrest public institutions from state control, including the mass media, because it's only through these that you'll get your system of checks-and-balances and public discussion of issues important to the country.

Until then, all else will stay a pipe-dream. You can't ask for democracy. You can't expect it. You can't make demands for democracy unless you are also prepared to fight for it. And fight for it you must.

Myop101: To be fair to all parties, a new voters registration drive should take place with international monitors observing the process within a limited span of time, taking into account the rural areas voters.

For army and police, they should be allowed to vote like any normal voters. Importantly, new boundaries for election should be drawn to prevent gerrymandering, scrutinised by international monitors.

Anonymous_3da0: If you minus 100,000 from BN's total, what would the percentage of their popular vote be? And that is only the tip of the iceberg. We're not even talking about naturalised aliens given ICs to vote in BN in every GE.

Lim Chong Leong: We have already been saying this for years. Now it takes a PSC audit to say it again? BN should not have been government many times over if not for their cheating.

Kairos: It is absolutely imperative that the electoral rolls be thoroughly cleaned up before the next GE. The results of the Mimos check has confirmed our suspicions all along - that the electoral rolls are not in order.

There is no point calling for the elections now because any result would be suspect. It is the duty of the government to address all the discrepancies so that the confidence of the rakyat is restored, or else, we will end up having a tainted election.

Transparency: Let's get ready for Bersih 3.0.


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