Fear and intimidation no longer work

YOURSAY 'If the government chooses to continue along this pathway of bullying, arrests and beatings, it will only sign its death warrant.'

'Government a fearmonger in aftermath of Bersih'

your sayKairos: The government will not succeed in its campaign of fear and intimidation. How do you tame the free human spirit?

How can you stifle the voice of the common rakyat of Malaysia crying for fairness and transparency?

No matter how many beatings the government gives to its citizens, the voice of freedom from tyranny will never be silenced.

In fact, the more the government tries to beat and coerce the people into submission, the more the rakyat will fight back. The stronger will be its determination to resist.

It only makes the blood of the people boil, and anger and disgust against the government will only increase.

If the government chooses to continue along this path of bullying, arrests and beatings, it will only sign its death warrant and expedite its own demise, and nobody will cry at its funeral.

ThisLandIsMine: Let Bersih shout. They are a noisy minority and they want to overthrow the government through street protests before the election, during the election and also after the election if their candidates do not win.

Anyway, let them make a lot of noise. It can't be deafening but it will be a nuisance. We know you can't bite being in the minority, but we know how to take care of mad dogs roaming unleashed in the streets.

Not Convinced: ThisLandIsMine, haven't you heard about the latest Merdeka Centre survey in which 92 percent of Malaysians want the electoral roll to be cleaned up before the next general election?

And that almost half of Malaysians do not trust the existing electoral process. So much for your ‘noisy minority'.

By the way, this land is not yours. It belongs to all Malaysians.

Hmmmmmmmm: The BN government practises 'Might is Right', but the people knows that 'Right is Might'.

Ruben: The government resorting to fear-mongering tactics is what has been happening since the days of former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad, and it is getting worse now as it is losing power and losing it fast.

They are also losing control, especially within Umno where the hardliners can do whatever they want.

The rakyat must stay strong in times like these and like the Merdeka Centre survey results show clearly, very few people have faith in the electoral system. Yet our government is both deaf and dumb to the rakyat.

Odin: Any move to press for reforms is praiseworthy.

Unfortunately, it is obvious from what has happened that if the government acquiesces, all it will do is to re-package the same things, to come up with even more oppressive versions, or to accede to the most minor demands.

Next point. Forgive my ignorance, but what difference will a 100 percent voter turnout make when the election processes and results can be manipulated to favour the current regime? Or a punitive reaction may be effected by that regime to stay in power?

As for setting up of an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC), why would the government do it when it is abundantly clear now that the police are Umno's uniformed thugs, paid with taxpayers' money?

To any right-thinking person, the situation is of grave concern. A 'Malaysian Spring' is likely to occur. And it will be very bloody and violent.

Nomorediam: When is the Bersih steering committee going to realise that it has not moved one inch forward in the fight for election reforms?

Over 250,000 people showed up in Bersih 3.0 believing that the movement will continue the fight for reforms till the government concedes.

Stop pussyfooting about and get back to giving the people what they expect - a clean and fair election.

Have Bersih 4.0 now and show that the people want all the electoral changes implemented before GE13.

Anonymous_3f4a: The government's fear mongering after Bersih 3.0 is not supported by truth.

The violence as seen in the videos in the media was not started by the protesters, but as a response to the excessive use of force by the police.

Tell me, did any violence break out in other Bersih 3.0 rallies across the globe? Mahathir blamed the opposition for the violence.

But it's not beyond anyone's imagination that some elements had been planted as Bersih protesters to deliberately cause violence to erupt.

Logger123: Ever watch a cat toying with a mouse before killing it? Beware. The guns have not come out yet. It's good to be idealistic, but best to err on the side of caution.

Remember, the nations with the worst human rights records are the best client states of the US and Europe.

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