Recipe for disaster: Poor lighting, unroadworthy cars

VOXPOP 'The street lights were too dim for racing. Several cars didn't seem to have headlights on and barriers offered insufficient protection.'

Drag race crash: We couldn't keep spectators away

vox populi small thumbnailSayaMalaysian: First, the street lights were too dim for racing. Second, several cars didn't seem to have headlights on.

The car that crashed had one headlight working. The organisers need to be brought to court. Whose event is this anyway?

Even the side of the road that had metal barriers, they were not the protective type but just barriers that stop spectators from crossing the street.

Perhaps we can start another investigation panel and get a neutral retiree to chair it?

Blind Freddo: It's unbelievable but so Malaysian that some of those drag racers were driving without their lights on.

The car that crashed had only one functioning headlight and by right should have been banned because it was unroadworthy.

Ferdtan: Pakatan Rakyat MPs should ask in Parliament who are the sponsors of this drag race which ended in disaster.

How much of the public money had been paid to the event organiser, MUSC Motorsports, to hold such a race?

Confused: Can you imagine what would happen if the event was organised by Pakatan?

For A Better Malaysia: When you know safety guidelines have been breached and yet still go ahead with the event - it becomes an even bigger case of negligence.

I expect some people to be charged; or else it is another government cover-up.

Opah: If you cannot keep the crowd away from dangerous areas, then just do what any professional motorsports organiser would do - shut down the event until the crowd is moved to a safe area.

If the crowd does not move then the event is not run - this is a simple rule that professional motorsports bodies in Malaysia have been following for more than 30 years.

Hateyou: BN, those metal barriers are of no use if the car that went out of control crashed through them.

You think it's a bicycle coming down the road? Those injured should sue.

Johor crown prince: We don't take money from gov't

Chipmunk: The Johor sultan was transparent in declaring his bid in public and he bid fairly for it. Perhaps it will be JPJ's (Road Transport Department) wisdom on how the money received is to be spent?

As far as I have seen and read about the Johor sultan, he has been consistently in touch with his subjects and every year without fail, he has made an attempt to go on his ‘Kembara Mahkota' to every district in Johor to see for himself the situation of his subjects personally.

We must give him credit for this and the Tunku Mahkota of Johor has been following his father's footsteps.

One thing I know is that just before his royal tour on bike, all the district councils are on their toes to ensure problems such as potholes, flood zones, and public amenities are repaired or replaced as they know that the sultan means business.

So let's give him credit for the good he does and let's not lose focus on how the rakyat can work together to capture Putrajaya from Umno-BN pirates.

Vote BN out. Just respect the sultan, he is a businessman. His father left wealth for him. He treats the rakyat well, that is what is important.

Anonymous #52720663: For any public figure, be it royalty, an inspector-general of police, or a menteri besar, to splurge such a sum on a vanity number plate would invite public ridicule and scorn.

Such people are looked upon as role models and examples for lesser beings to look up to. It is indeed sad that we seek exemplary figures where none exists in our public life.

Those who defend such wanton extravagance by public figures must be wearing rose-tinted glasses and living in Shangri La. I am sure their defenders would murmur in response to this: Let them eat cake!

Louis: I feel the authorities are wrong in publishing the name of the winner of WWW1, especially if it is royalty. But now, since the winner of WWW1 is published, what about MCA1?

Will the authorities reveal the owner? Why so secretive about that one?

By Election Fan: I believe there is no money taken from the state or national coffers. As the sultan, he didn't have to pay for it if he didn't want to. There are lots of people who will happily pay on his behalf.

Now the sultan has the number. So, what's next? Put it on a Honda Cub EX5. I wonder what extra value this number adds to a group of people whom didn't have to pay tax, receive huge allowances and who allegedly beat innocent people as and when they wish.

Respect has to be earned, it is not a privilege that you can abuse just because you are born of royal blood.

Wong Jiang Fung: Owning an auspicious number for a car is just usual practice for rich people. Let the matter rest.

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