Dr Subra, what public anger against Ambiga?

YOURSAY 'It was all there for the rakyat to see - the inaction by the authorities proved that they were not bothered about Ambiga's rights.'

MIC condemns anti-Ambiga protests too, says Subra

your sayAbasir: Human Resource Minister Dr S Subramaniam mentions "public's anger" against Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga and implies that the coordinated harassment by the Umno thugs is representative of that.

If he stops lying to himself, he will agree that the many tens of thousands who came out on April 28 constitute "the public" who are sick and tired of Umno's cheating at the polls, and which is actively supported by its underlings like the MIC.

He would have served himself better if he had just kept his mouth shut instead of opening it to prove who he really is: a shameless Umno apologist who will walk away as Indian Malaysians (whom he claims to represent) are publicly abused and harassed by his Umno paymasters.

And why? Just to hang on to his seat and the perks that come with it. Any wonder why the majority of Indians are in the pathetic state they are in now?

Gandhi: Dr Subra, you really puzzle me. As a trained skin specialist, I'm unable to understand that you could get into this pitiable scolding from the public.

Did you not realise that such irresponsible remarks are going to get you into trouble? MIC culture has polluted your mind to the base level. It's no longer S Samy Vellu's era.

Democrat: Sigh, another MIC leader who talks before he thinks and changes after print...

MIC: Protests against Ambiga 'not racially motivated'

Anonymous #21828131: Dr Subra must have just got up from a long slumber, only to say something stupid.

It was all there for the rakyat to see - the inaction by the authorities proved that they were not bothered about Ambiga's rights.

The whole episode showed a lack of respect for her because she is an Indian Malaysian. They even called for Ambiga to leave the country - a bona fide citizen asked to leave just because she is from a minority race.

Dr Subra, can't you see that. One false move by you and you would be told the same. So think before you talk. We don't want leaders who constantly suffer from mental constipation and verbal diarrhoea to lead us.

Sunflower: Dr Subra, you talk about 'public anger'. When was this and who were the public you refer to?

I do not think there was any. Only political parties, Election Commission clowns, the authorities and lap dogs showed anger in order to get political mileage.

Do not mislead the people. MIC has done this for decades. Stop this and learn to be honest. Go to temple regularly and pray for this good attribute.

Ambiga is a national hero who have led Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or political affiliations, for clean and fair elections.

Anonymous #55462178: What a shameless joker. MIC solved 6,000 IC (identity card) cases involving the Indians, and proud about it?

These issues shouldn't even exist had the government of the day do its job in accordance to our laws. These are legitimate citizens and had been institutionally denied of their rights enshrined in the constitution.

And how does he know the anti-Ambiga protests were not racially motivated? Was he personally the recruiter of those underage school boys who were there to make up the numbers?

How come whenever any so-called leaders in the BN open their mouth, nothing factual or intelligent come out?

There must be a maximum IQ requirement for admission into the cabinet - anyone above 60 points will be ejected immediately.

Shanandoah: Dr Subra, say what you like. You will not be in Parliament after the next elections. Tell me why are red identity cards given mostly to Indians from the rural areas?

What has MIC done over the last 50 years when there are thousands of Indians born in this country still having these red identity cards and are deemed stateless.

This has been deliberately done to keep the Indians jobless and powerless to do anything for themselves. Please don't talk rubbish just to keep your master in office.

Kairos: I also don't think that the uncouth protests against Ambiga is not racially motivated.

A few kurang ajar rascals dressed in the clothes of petty traders and army veterans had really disgraced themselves and the race they represent. Shame on them.

What I am more interested to hear from the minister is what he thinks about the cause that Ambiga is fighting for. That's the crux of the matter.

Does he or does he not support clean and clean elections? What is his stand on the call to clean up the irregularities in the electoral rolls?

Does he have a conscience or is he also one of those who say it is okay to cheat in order to win? Tell us, Dr Subra.

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