BN victimises students just to teach Pakatan a lesson

YOURSAY 'Political parties come and go but our nation's legacy continues with our children. We must give them the best to ensure our nation survives.'

'Fair' for PTPTN to test PKR policy, says DPM

your sayOnyourtoes: DPM Muhyiddin Yassin, please don't talk nonsense. Who is in control of education and finance in Malaysia today, the federal government or the Selangor state government? Your argument has no logic.

PKR is talking about free education, not abolishing PTPTN per se. When they are in control of the revenue and the national budget, of course they can decide whether tertiary education should be free or otherwise.

Right now, it is completely illogical and unfair for you to stop the loans to students wanting to study in Unisel (Universiti Selangor).

Personally I am not in favour of free education, but I believe Pakatan would be able to do it if they can control all the leakages and reprioritise government allocations.

Anonymous_4196: Like Higher Education Minister Khaled Nordin, Muhyiddin is trying to twist the real situation.

Selangor and Penang have very little allocation from the federal government, though both states have chalked the highest foreign direct investment as well as economic progress. So how do you expect Selangor to help poor students?

First, there must be enough good public universities, not diverting students to private universities to make money out of them through exorbitant fees and high-interest PTPTN (National Higher Education Fund) study loans.

Secondly, ensure that the public university fee is reasonable. Thirdly, don't victimise our future generations just to teach Pakatan Rakyat a lesson - this is evil and childish.

Political parties come and go but our nation's legacy continues with our children. We must give them the best to ensure our nation survives.

Democrat 53: To the DPM and his Johorean counterpart, Khaled Nordin, please note that the PTPTN funds do not belong to Umno-BN so that it can play your political games with Pakatan. The funds belong to the rakyat and are to be used for all rakyat.

It is not to be used to prove a political point in your election campaign against the opposition. This is a basic law of governance in a parliamentary democracy. Do not abuse your position as a minister to utilise public funds for your own purposes.

Vgeorgemy: Muhyiddin, you are treating the taxpayers' monies the same way you are promoting the warlord culture and money politics in Umno. Winner takes all.

Given that Umno is the ruling party, you have the power to determine policy matters according to your election promises to the rakyat.

Implementation of such policies is left to His Majesty's civil servants who are to implement them without fear or favour. This is as per our constitutional commitment of separation of powers.

In the case of PTPTN, to freeze loans for Universiti Selangor students, Umno is interfering in the civil service and forcing them to follow the warlord culture prevalent in Umno.

The implementation of any policy must be accessible to all the rakyat as the funds come from the taxpayers' hard-earned monies.

We demand the immediate resignation of Khaled as he has breached the principles of separation of powers enshrined in the law of our land.

Quigonbond: In Umo's retarded wisdom, they are probably thinking that withdrawing PTPTN from Unisel will cause PKR to admit that it does not have the funds to implement its proposed free tertiary education scheme.

But Umno misses the issue by a thousand million miles. Most of Malaysians' taxes, including Selangor voters' taxes, end up with the federal government, not the state government.

PKR did not say they will implement the scheme now. They say they will implement the scheme when they take federal power.

I guess Umno fails comprehension tests. All that PM Najib Razak trying to do to win over the middle ground, already not having much success, is now further blown to smithereens by his sabotaging deputies.

Who do they think the students and the students' teachers, parents, relatives and friends will be angry with?

I hardly think it will be Selangor state government, who in fact now come out shining on moral high ground by rescuing the victims of this below-the-belt politicking.

Joker: DPM, going by your logic, it is only fair that Selangor can retain all of its tax and revenue collections for its own use since the federal government is testing PKR's policy of financial governance.

Students, open your eyes, this is how little your education minister cares about you. Behaving like immature children in a 'you-don't-friend-me-I-don't-friend-you' spat with his political rival, the education minister would not bat an eyelid to let the students suffer just for a political snub.

Unisel students and management can sue PTPTN or the federal government for not honouring its contract to provide loans according to the PTPTN loan agreement.

Headhunter: This is the type of education minister we have - not an ounce of sympathy for those who can't afford tertiary education. Does he think the money for scholarships and loans come from Umno?

Loo Soon Fatt: The money for PTPTN loans comes from taxpayers' pockets and is only managed by the federal government.

It is only fair if the freeze applies to all universities nationwide. Why impose action only to Selangor just because it is under Pakatan?

Is it done out of spite? If that is the case, then return a portion of the nation's funds to the Selangor government for it to manage the issue on hand.

Solaris: Is this what our leaders are teaching us - tit-for-tat at the expense of our future generation? Why should students be made victims by our politicians?

Foodforthought: DPM, you and Umno-BN are not testing PKR's policy but the rakyat's patience.

A malicious action to punish innocent students


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In the wake of the controversy, Malaysiakini reported that PTPTN has this morning decided to lift its temporary freeze on giving study loans to Unisel students.