A malicious action to punish innocent students

YOURSAY 'Muhyiddin, fight all you want with the Selangor government, but don't compromise the future of our young students.'

'Fair' for PTPTN to test PKR policy, says DPM

your sayJesse: DPM Muhyiddin Yassin, the question about whether you felt it was responsible for PTPTN (National Higher Education Fund) to freeze Universiti Selangor's (Unisel's) student loans without informing them is not malicious.

Your action is malicious and it speaks for itself. Shame on you for punishing innocent citizens. Take your fight with PKR elsewhere, not to the citizens.

You do not deserve to be in government because you have just proven that you have no clue what good governance is all about.

Such narrow mindedness makes me wonder how you can be an MP, let alone a DPM. God help us if you become PM.

Pemerhati: Muhyiddin conveniently pretends not to know that Anwar Ibrahim said that Pakatan Rakyat would provide free education if it wins the next elections.

Anwar's promise of free education and reducing fuel prices may sound unrealistic but if Pakatan does not steal like BN, then it should have enough money to fund these programmes.

The 2008 Auditor-General's Report estimates the losses from corruption at as high as RM28 billion. This amount is based on what the AG got to audit and not the crooked deals by the top BN people (like Dr Mahathir Mohamad's independent power producers (IPPs) deal, PM Najib Razak's kickbacks on Scorpene submarines, etc).

If you add all that and also the likelihood that by 2012 the amount stolen is likely to have gone up, the total amount stolen could be around RM50 to RM60 billion, which is about a third of Malaysia's estimated 2011 revenue of RM183 billion.

A non-corrupt Pakatan will thus immediately have an extra RM60 billion or so to spend for the benefit of the people and consequently all their promises become very realistic.

Akutuan: Fight all you want with the Selangor government, but don't compromise the future of our young students.

As a DPM you must look at the bigger picture. How you expect the rakyat to trust and respect you if you can't differentiate between politics and the rakyat's need?

Anonymous_3ff5: It is irresponsible for DPM to say that it's fair to freeze PTPTN loans to new Unisel student intake knowing fully well that higher education is a federal matter.

BN is politicising PTPTN by threatening and squeezing new students and the state government.

This is a display of arrogance and irresponsibility when the rakyat from both the political divide are paying taxes to the federal government and not the state government.

It still remains Higher Education Ministry's policy to facilitate funding PTPTN. It has no right to freeze the study loans.

View Point: I am a Selangorian. Since the PTPTN loan comes from taxes paid by the rakyat, can I stop paying my income tax to the federal government and instead pay it to the Selangor government instead?

Best Democracy: This is an irrational and shallow-minded reaction to PKR de facto leader Anwar's statement.

How to test the Selangor government when Pakatan has not taken over Putrajaya? You cannot force Selangor to fund student loans while you, the federal government is still holding the bulk of the money.

Wira: DPM, please channel my income tax payment out from the federal coffers and give it to the Selangor government if you are incompetent in discharging federal responsibilities.

Yes, education and finance are federal responsibility, but get out of these areas if you want to shirk from your duty.

CHKS: As an academician, I just cannot imagine the future of students are being affected by politicians.

Anwar should not have made his statement but the people will still blame BN for what happened because of blatant abuse of power and abuse of public funds.

Not to mention the SSPN (National Education Savings Scheme) that many rakyat paid that goes to the PTPTN fund. All are rakyat's money.

You are just too cruel. You should know everyone is watching your evil schemes.

Absolom: This is quite an astonishing and unbelievable move by the education minister (a very good gauge of his mentality). Even more shocking that a DPM supports this kind of punitive action.

We have already seen the use of government machinery and institutions, taxpayers money and the civil service by BN to advance its political interests.
This is a new low for the regime - using education and the students' future as ransom and a tool to gain political mileage.

I suppose if Pakatan had proposed free medical care for everyone, then the government hospitals would have stopped treating people in Selangor. And that would probably been 'fair' in the eyes of these leaders.

Just what sort of people have we elected into office to manage this country?

Smartvoters: Umno leaders are only good at lying and cheating our people. PTPTN money is not Umno's or their own money. It's our tax money paid to the goverment of Malaysia.

Therefore, the government of the day cannot simply and selectively give out the PTPTN money as they like. If they give to one, they must also give to all those entitled to receive it.

It's plain stupid of Umno leaders like Muhyiddin and Khaled to deprive Universiti Selangor students of their rightful PTPTN loans.

Umno clearly is trying desperately to tell voters in Selangor that this is what they will get from an Umno government if they vote for Pakatan.

Anonymous #19098644: Following Muhyiddin's stand, all Selangorians must temporarily halt all tax payments to the federal government.

Umno, be careful what you start. The American revolution started on the basis of no taxation without representation.

BN victimises students just to teach Pakatan a lesson


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In the wake of the controversy, Malaysiakini reported that PTPTN has this morning decided to lift its temporary freeze on giving study loans to Unisel students.