Evidence Act: Drop the good cop, bad cop routine

YOURSAY 'This stupid law doesn't make sense. It's like trying to deter robbers by charging house owners who have been robbed.'

Youth chief wants Evidence Act changes revoked

your sayKgen: What this law means is that if they can't catch the person who makes the offensive postings, they will get a scapegoat.

How will this deter those who make the actual slanderous postings? It will just put fear into blog owners, online account holders and WiFi providers.

Unless Umno's intention is to curtail the use of the Internet, this stupid law doesn't make sense. It's like trying to deter robbers by charging house owners who have been robbed.

Anonymous_3ff5: If Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin is sincere enough about his opposition to the Evidence Act amendments, he should not be taking potshots at the attorney-general (AG) or de facto law minister Nazri Abdul Aziz now, after the bill has been passed.

It would have been more meaningful for him to vote against the Act when it was tabled and debated in Parliament.

Myop101: Khairy, how did you vote when the amendments to the Evidence Act were put before you?

You can object all you want now, but what matters most is which side you voted for in Parliament. Otherwise, whatever you say now is pure hypocrisy.

Anonymous #01758459: Khairy is talking nonsense. How did this Act get passed in Parliament in the first place? Some BN MPs were sleeping on the job? Why complain now?

Zar: Khairy, you as an MP together with the others who had voted for the amendment to this section only now realise something is wrong? Why did you raise this only after it has become a law?

Why didn't you raise it earlier during the debate? It looks like this BN MP is one of the yes-men who does not know what he is doing - so long as the bill comes from their side, he will vote in favour of it.

Sa Tombs: Well done Khairy! At least you know the law better than the two mutt heads - Nazri and the AG.

You definitely know the motive behind this - to persecute people who criticise the government. The cardinal rule in any criminal proceeding is that it is for the prosecution to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt, not the reverse.

We will have some fun when a hacker gets into, say, the PM's portal and starts defaming the AG, Nazri and the deputy prime minister.

Onyourtoes; "I raised objections with the attorney-general and de facto law minister Nazri Abdul Aziz before this. Now it's up to the government to review or revoke the provisions," Khairy said.

What are you talking about? The AG and Nazri, are they not part of the government?

It would be better for you to say, "I raised objections with those in the government, but they ignored me completely knowing that I am only the son-in-law of a has-been PM."

Odin: A recent report has it that a new team of cyber troopers has been formed and put under your charge. Called Unit Media Baru Umno, it has a RM300,000 monthly budget.

Your (in)famous blogger Papagomo is reported to have said that he suspects that the unit would serve only certain leaders. Would you, by any chance, be objecting now to the amendments to the Evidence Act because of this?

While we are on this subject, Information Minister Rais Yatim is also reported to have claimed that some 10,000 twittering birds would be chirping away praises to the BN, and some 800 of the feathered ones would be singing his own songs.

One wonders how many million ringgit of Malaysian taxpayers' money will be spent every month now to help the BN to win in the GE13.

Bender: Leave it to a bunch of past-expiry-date Umno old guards like Rais Yatim to come up with such a ridiculous and off-the-mark piece of legislation.

Umno needs young visionaries (judging by his mental state in this specific case, Khairy can be such a visionary if only he's not so corrupt, in which case he's no different that the rest of Umno) to take the lead put some sense into Malaysian politics.

But because Umno is now festered by the corrupt, I guess there's no hope but to do a complete overhaul or remove the disease altogether.

Samba: All this is just a bloody sandiwara: the BN lawmakers all pass these stupid laws that are out of this world and totally dumb and unreasonable, only for someone in the same team to come up and speak against it later, so as to be seen as the saviour or champion of a cause.

Enough with your good cop, bad cop routine.

Up2U: Is our country so short of legal minds that our government continues to keep this controversial AG or is it that our government has too much cobwebs hidden in the AG's closet?


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