Deciphering the reason behind custodial deaths

VOXPOP 'This article aptly sums up the realities in Malaysia with regard to custodial deaths. This regime only values its citizens for their toil and the tax monies they pay.'

Deaths in custody - the hurt lock-up

vox populi small thumbnailSwipenter: How and why our law enforcement agencies (and all other government institutions) degenerate to such a sorry state?

The political ambition of one man is responsible for it. He has destroyed the independence, ethics and code of conduct of our law enforcement agencies and the people working in them and replaced them with a culture of corruption and racism.

He has used his evil cleverness to divide instead of uniting Malaysians of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds to fulfill his greed for power and money.

It is a myth why non-Malays were not interested to work for the government. It was the deliberate and systematic unspoken policy to have the civil service monopolise by one race starting in the 1970s.

Back in 1980s and before that period, there was always a good mix of Malaysians of different backgrounds working for the government, but not anymore.

We don't have to wonder why Umno treats the civil service as their vote bank. It is all about race, racism and racial politics.

Bmjr: This article aptly sums up the realities in Malaysia with regard to custodial deaths. This regime only values its citizens for their toil and the tax monies they pay.

And after that they are dispensable, more so if they are of a particular colour or religious disposition.

Commander S Thayaparan, you forgot the connivance of the Health Department DG (director-general).

Didn't Ismail Merican, who was part of the conspiracy, come out to say that it was fluid in the lungs that killed Kugan when it is known to even medical students that the fluid would not be there if Kugan had not been beaten so severely - in other words, lies by omission and half-truths.

Odin: Many who would not be employable in other jobs join the police force (among other government departments). Some of them would have been unable to continue their formal education due to negative factors in themselves.

Put them in uniform, and give them weapons and some authority, and we don't need a social scientist to tell us the sorts of undesirable acts that they could commit.

Now throw in a regime that despises Indians and Chinese, and views the indigenous ethnic groups more or less as wild animals. What we get are results such as this unfortunate A Kugan case.

Cala: Thayaparan, thank you for a piece of well-written article that is factual, well-argued, and convincing.

I am in agreement with you (from the tone of your argument) in urging every right-thinking people to ask a very pertinent question: Why is there a large disproportionate large number of non-Malays dies in police custody?

Is it the result of unequal protection of law on various ethnic groups poisoned by NEP/BTN indoctrination?

Or is it the consequence of five decades of Umno-led BN regime's warped governance structure inherited from the colonial master in keeping differing ethnic groups apart from one another that finally produces an intolerable situation of mistrust?

Righteous: Only in forum like this one in Malaysiakini that we ordinary Malaysians are exposed to such harsh realities in the so-called "legitimate" going-ons of the government.

We can only do one very thing - all Malaysians should exercise their right to vote them out.

Worsening haze pushes Klang Valley into 'unhealthy'

Simon Lee 3ed5: What a rotten neighbour we have, who have been exporting haze and suffering in the last decade with impunity?

Where is Umno Youth and Perkasa, which are famous for protesting at the US embassy in ‘defence' of our nation?

If it had been Singapore causing the environmental disaster, there would have been all-round protests at the Singaporean embassy.

The PM, the world and the UN must act to protest against this violation of international laws by Indonesia that is causing untold damage and suffering to the lives of the people in the region, especially our children, and the sick and the aged.

GoneBananas: Oil palm plantations may be earning huge profits, but it will be death by suffocation for the rest of the population.

Does that make economic sense - to kill off your own citizens for a few extra bucks? Enough already. Stop being greedy.

Unfortunately, there is no political will to stop the forest clearing in Indonesia - mainly because the majority of oil palm plantations are actually owned by Malaysians, especially ex-ministers.

Righteous: And one of our local oil palm giants is the biggest culprit of them all.

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