Crime: The only number down is on police reports

VOXPOP 'Hisham, even in cases of snatch theft, the police ask victims not to make reports. Of course, ‘crime' goes down.'

Hishammuddin: Hike in crime claim by opposition not true

vox populi small thumbnailTekee: Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, you should go to the ground and talk to the public, then you will know how bad is the crime situation is.

Especially in Cheras, there are many cases of crime. It's just that the public is not interested in reporting them to the police because they feel that's a waste of time.

Stories: Hisham, even in cases of snatch theft, the police ask victims not to make reports. Of course, ‘crime' goes down. But when I go to the hair saloon, all four customers there are victims of robberies.

Ah Boss: Wake up, Hishammuddin. Every day in the papers, email and even in our area in Damansara Jaya there is a case of crime being committed. It's the same in SS2, Damansara Utama, Sunway and Kota Damansara.

These were relatively crime-free before these recent months. More parang-wielding robbers, kidnappers, car jackers, car thefts, you name it, have cropped up.

Whoever has heard of cars having their windows smashed at road junctions or car parks, or cases of crime in well-known shopping malls in the past?

Do wake up and see reality. Ask the media to do a poll and see what the public perception really is.

Wong Jiang Fung: This month there were two gun-shooting cases alone in my home town, Segamat. There had never been any shooting cases in years.

Always fair: Hishammuddin, you just need to read the newspaper yourself. Do you think the newspaper prints fabricated kidnapping, robbery and murder cases to fill up the pages?

Anonymous_rb345: Hishammuddin is suffering from the ‘Pak Lah' syndrome. Please don't sleep on the job.

Haven't you read the news in the mainstream media stating that the police are working the malls to install safety measures for their customers? We can't help it if our home minister hasn't read the papers.

Anonymous_3f68: It's a fact that since you, Hishammuddin, assumed the office of home minister, the crime rate has soared by a massive 89.9 percent. It will only be an understatement if it is not so.

Edmundyong: Hishammuddin, if you have no intelligent response or solutions to the crime problem, please just shut up.

Altantuya murder duo's appeal moved to October

Bmjr: It looks like plans are afoot to not have the truth come out sooner.

Anyway, everyone knows that eventually the two cops will lose their appeal and be hanged, but someone else will hang in their place and these two guys will retire to the Bahamas with their families and the millions BN will pay them.

Their only fear is that if BN does not follow through and their replacements don't turn up on hanging day.

Kolopilah: Whatever the outcome, the arguments, the instructions by the judiciary from the powers-that-be, the rakyat are still waiting to see the handsome faces of the two police Special Action Unit personnel.

Aquinas Says: If I was a gambler I would wager that the appeal will be postponed again till December followed by February, then April until the GE comes and goes. It won't ever see the light of day before the big day.

Anonymous #19098644: Why would two special forces bodyguards of Prime Minister Najib Razak who have never met Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu suddenly develop an urge to go and kidnap her?

Why would they then decide to shoot her in the head and then wrap her body in C4 and blow it up?

There is no question they did those things, but the real issue is who the murderer who gave the orders is. Who's the person who covered up the murder? On this count alone, Najib cannot be prime minster of Malaysia.

Lim Chong Leong: Funny that because of Hari Raya, the appellants have to await justice and sit in prison on death row while their lawyers feast on their cakes and lemang.

Anyway, a delay is good for their Umno master because they don't want another round of bad publicity.

Another round of people asking where the immigration records went, what the motive was, whether Altantuya was pregnant at the time of death and if so, with whose child, how permission for military grade C4 to be used was obtained, the private investigator P Balasubramaniam's SDs (statutory declarations), why Najib's associate Abdul Razak Baginda's wife came screaming in court about her husband not wanting to be PM (that is mysterious), French subpoenas, former French president Nicholas Sarkozy's investigation, the unsinkable subs ... so many questions remain, in just this one case.

YF: Only in Malaysia do soldiers get punished while the mastermind general gets away for the crimes committed. That's Umno justice for you. It's not ‘adat Melayu' and neither is it Islamic. So what kind of justice is Umno practising?

Victor Johan: So does this mean the 13th general election will be held in mid-September before the appeal hearing?

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