If Syabas isn't paying the plants, why should we pay?

YOURSAY 'Using the supply of water as a political threat to the people of Selangor amounts to a criminal act.'

'Syabas holding back water treatment payment'

your sayHang Tuah PJ: We should stop paying Syabas bills since they are not paying the water treatment plants. Indeed, there is no need to pay until the Syabas CEO Rozali Ismail resigns.

Gerard Lourdesamy: The feeble denial from PM Najib Razak about the MRT (Mass Railway Transit) contract does not detract from the fact that George Kent consortium got the letter of award despite having no track record whatsoever. What was so exceptional about them?

The federal government should also explain why they are dead keen to bat for Rozali and Syabas instead of the people of Selangor?

Water privatisation is a disaster in Malaysia primarily because of crony capitalism and the abject failure of regulation.

Syabas and Puncak Niaga are not interested in improving the delivery system and quality of water in Selangor. Their entire corporate existence is to divert funds to Umno and finance the coming GE.

No wonder that ‘genius' Rozali is paid RM5 million a year to be the BN's hatchetman in Selangor. We should have him nationalised next when Pakatan Rakyat is in Putrajaya.

Save Our Currency: Impose surcharge, charge interest, and seize or freeze assets of Syabas.

Take criminal action against Rozali for holding back on a life's necessity. Compare and contrast his salary to the former chief before privatisation and let the people decide on its justification.

Get a court order to collect their payments. If they don't follow the agreement, terminate and replace them immediately. Freeze their accounts and get another body to collect payment of water bills.

Kit P: Using the supply of water as a political threat to the people of Selangor amounts to a criminal act.

Anonymous_rb345: MCA Young Professionals Bureau chief Chua Tee Yong is the BN suicide bomber. Unfortunately for him, he detonated the bomb (i.e. the Talam debacle) inside the BN camp.

I suggest he re-sit the accounting papers to renew his accounting qualifications.

Jedi_Who: Thanks to PKR's Rafizi Ramli, these Umno schemes have been exposed. Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has now moved his focus from livestock (cows) to water.

If water stops flowing, the rakyat will crucify BN in the elections.

NewMalaysia: Those in BN often claim Pakatan is always spinning the facts. But it was they who did all the spinning.

We can clearly see who is avoiding an open forum or debate for the public to know the issue more from both sides and have the opportunity to cross examine them openly.

Those cowardly liars just dare not face the people.

Ex-wfw: Chua Tee Yong, we know only The Star will turn and twist facts on your behalf. If you dared, you should have come to the forum to state your claims. As you have chickened out, how can we believe your claims?

We know you are desperate for headlines but those you have attracted over the past few weeks could also bury you and your party forever.

Though you are young, you seem to think like a dinosaur, rendering you unable to lead the next generation of voters, or for that matter, not even in the 13th general election.

Artchan: Chua, either turn up or shut up. You were given a chance to speak to the electorate and you gave up the opportunity. What a disgrace.

Cyber warrior: Talam had 'sick projects' that were taken over by Selangor government companies and they were completed.

Had they remained sick, the house buyers would have suffered greatly, over and above the suffering endured with the prolonged completion time.

Have the 'sick projects' in other states been dealt with similarly?

Onyourtoes: May be the state government should advise and find a way to ask the consumers to pay directly to the state government and from there to the water treatment plants.

YF: Is it right for Muslims to withhold payment to their creditors when they have the money?

Dishonesty is a common trait in Umno and their goons, and it's absurd that we continue calling ourselves a Muslim country when the basic moral values (found in any major religion) are not even practised.

Fairnessforall: Sack Rozali. He is obviously taking ‘gaji buta' (salary for doing nothing) since he can't even run the company effectively and pay the creditors on time.

Blind Freddo: Why have the creditors not been named?

Anonymous #19098644: Time to investigate the lifestyle of the rich Umnoputras who are mismanaging Syabas.
Time to determine what their personal investment in the company and where did the rest come from.

As Puncak Niaga is a public company, we should all buy 100 shares each and attend its AGM (annual general meeting) and pass a vote of no confidence on the CEO (chief executive officer) and chairman.

Bobby Cheng: These BN scumbags are putting nails in their own coffins. Chua Tee Yong, with a joke like you, more and more Chinese will reject MCA. You think Chinese are dumb and can't read simple financial reports like you?

Come on, the majority of us play shares in the stockmarket. I advise you to shut up and apologise. Or else you have just ended your political career. Syabas.

Kolopilah: Change/upgrade the piping system, not build a tunnel from Pahang and not Langat 2 water treatment plant. Fix the leakages.


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