Whistleblowers hounded, culprits walk free

YOURSAY 'Tell me it isn't personal when the whistleblowers are handcuffed but the real culprits who siphoned off RM250 million aren't.'

Anwar decries Najib's 'vendetta' against Rafizi

your sayJosie: When tabling Budget 2010 in Parliament, PM Najib Razak announced that a Whistleblower Protection Act would be formulated to encourage informers expose corrupt practices and other misconduct.

Najib said the move would provide immunity to informers from civil or criminal charges. The formulation of the Whistleblower Act was among the measures taken in the implementation of the National Key Result Areas (NKRA) to eliminate corruption.

Persecuting whistleblowers will further see Malaysia dip in the global Corruption Perception Index.

Changeagent: Of course, it's a vendetta against PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli. Najib's famous mantra is "you help me, I help you". The other equally practiced principle, although seldom voiced in public, is "you screw me, I screw you".

Tell me it isn't personal when the whistleblowers are handcuffed but the real culprits who siphoned off RM250 million aren't.

Swipenter: Vindictive politics is the trademark of Umno. Even within the BN coalition, Umno practices vindictive politics. Look at how they lash out, threaten and humiliate MCA, MIC and Gerakan if any one of them dare ‘offend' Umno.

Recall how Umno threatens voters for not voting BN. If you vote for the opposition, you won't get any development or funds for your constituency.

Recall how former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad threatened his then deputy, Anwar Ibrahim. So this ‘vendetta' against Rafizi by Najib is not out of the ordinary.

NasiLemak: The reality is that Rafizi has obtained private financial information and disclosed it to the media and the public. As such, he broke the Bafia (Banking and Financial Institutions Act) law.

This has nothing to do with Najib or NFC (National Feedlot Corporation). It is about disclosing bank information to the public. This is wrong. So Rafizi is charged.

Anwar cannot blame Najib. The wrong was done by Rafizi. He should be judged based on that.

Not Confused: The government is clearly supporting corruption by trying to stifle any revelation of wrongdoing. Shooting the messenger and not dealing with the message will sound the death-knell for the BN government.

Malaysians who still support BN or are sitting on the fence should now understand they are tacitly supporting this and should be ashamed for doing so.

Pritam Singh Jag Singh: I understand that a whistleblowers fund has been initiated. It has also been suggested by the Selangor MB to open it to the public.

Ask every righteous citizen to donate RM10 each and you will see how many Malaysians are willing to come forward to shame Umno and Najib.

Absalom: I think the people of Malaysia have seen their tax money abused in hundreds of ways that they will not think twice about contributing to a fund to defend whistleblowers.

The relevant provisions of the Bafia are meant to safeguard bona fide businesses. Not for crooks to hide under it and blatantly misuse public funds.

But we can keep writing comments here till the cows come home. Nothing is going to change until the people vote to change the regime.

Fair&Just: Full support must be given to our heroes from all walks of life as their work provide the catalyst to the fight for a clean and fair government while weeding out all the money-sucking and corrupt leaders and government officials.

Don't let them bear the burden alone. We shall persevere and overcome.

Tel: BN has just given PKR a free promotion. Personally, I think Najib's advisors should be axed.

Tidakboleh: By going after whistleblowers, the regime is encouraging and condoning corruption, abuse and misuse of power and cover-up of wrongdoings.

What a corrupted regime and bureaucratic institutions we have and what rotten examples the regime sets for the younger generations.

Bob Teoh: I would have thought Najib would reward Rafizi for courageously exposing corruption and money laundering.

Instead the PM, disguised as our woman minister, is covering up for the sacked woman minister involved in the scandal exposed by Rafizi. Only in Malaysia ‘janji ditepati'.

Survivor: By his action and abuse of authority, Najib is confirming that he indeed interfered in the award of the Ampang LRT extension project to George Kent, period.

BTN: The present government is really making a bloody fool of all of us. It action points only to this - desperation.

Malaysia needs a new beginning and hopefully we can see it in the GE. The choice is ours.

Anonymous #63753867: I recall news about a menteri besar who remitted RM10 million out of the country through money-changers. BNM (Bank Negara Malaysia) is in the know, but no action. Why?

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