May 13 film is a 'downright lie'

VOXPOP 'It's clear that they made the movie as a propaganda piece - another elegant form of good old slander. They never bother about the truth.'

M'sians should do a Sherlock Holmes on 'Urine-gate'

vox populi small thumbnailPodeh: The film ‘Tanda Putra' is made mainly for propaganda purposes and the Urine-gate episode was intentionally slipped in to work up the feelings of the naive and the kampong folk.

They however miscalculated - it is easy to prove that such an incident never occurred. We all await the screening of the film with bated breath.

Lamborghini: This is a deliberate attempt to smear DAP leader Lim Kit Siang and to incite hatred towards non-Malays.

At a time when genuine efforts should be made to get all Malaysians to be more united in the month of Merdeka/Malaysia day celebrations, there are treacherous elements among us trying to create tension and incite hatred.

This is most despicable and cowardly. Those who are responsible for such lies, remember that you will eventually be exposed and you shall reap the destruction from the seeds you of hatred you are trying to sow.

Bender: Don't bother, Uncle Lim. It's clear that they made the movie as a propaganda piece - another elegant form of good old slander. They never bother about the truth.

They'll do anything to get people to give them a vote. Pakatan Rakyat has managed to make huge inroads into the hearts of Malaysians. Many Malaysians with even a speck of intelligence would know how to tell the difference between truths and lies.

I wouldn't be bothered by this incident. Being a Malay myself, I'm convinced that Malays with the right sense of reason can see the truth in this.

If I were you, I'd be more worried about the election rigging and Bersih's demands which have yet to see any good progress so far. Local support is all for Pakatan but without clean and fair elections, Umno-BN could still win.

Odin: Seven years ago, I researched on the infamous May 13 riot for a special project. I have not ever, ever come across any mention of Lim urinating at a flagpole.

The incorporation of this fictitious act in a film supposed to portray what has actually happened, and the use of a photograph taken years after the riot to support a fabricated event implied to have occurred at around the public violence, clearly render the whole exercise nothing more than an attempt to show that Lim and the DAP in particular, and the Chinese in general, are contemptuous to cause the Malays to feel hatred towards LKS, the DAP, and the Chinese.

The film is a downright lie.

P Dev Anand Pillai: This actually shows the utter stupidity of highly acclaimed Malay directors such as Shuhaimi Baba, who will go to great lengths to keep the Malay peasantry stupid with a completely false and distorted version of actual Malayan history just for the sake of Umno's survival.

Again, it is left to the Malays, whether they wish to be continously in the mind mould of what Umno wants them to be or whether they are willing to know the actual truth.

Tailek: Obviously film maker/director Shuhaimi did not check her facts but just adopted whatever rubbish was sent to her by government sources. This is totally unprofessional.

She should hide her face in shame at being party to this feeble attempt to discredit Lim Kit Siang and whip up anti-DAP and Chinese sentiment among the Malays.

There is seditious intent here. The police should investigate, but it won't happen.

Isa: FGV's sliding share price nothing to worry about

Bender: When Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) chairperson Mohd Isa Abdul Samad says don't worry, that's when everybody should start panicking.

Similarly, when Information Minister Rais Yatim starts to bring out a pen (to write songs/lyrics), then everyone should brace for impact.

Aiyoyo: This country is doomed as long as it is run by thieves and crooks. Even if Pakatan Rakyat takes over, government policies are not going to change fundamentally in order for us to compete with the likes of Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea.

My prognosis for Malaysia is that if we are not going to recognise talent and merit and instead focus on race and whatever crap there is, Malaysia will forever be a mediocre country.

With the kind of crime that is going on in our cities which shows no signs of abating, Malaysia will soon descend to the level of African countries.

Anonymous #41809171: Facebook shareholders are also in the same ditch, having seen their stock plummet 40 percent since its public listing.

But keep your hopes up, Isa Samad. Maybe the share price will still recover like the way you recovered from your suspension over money politics in Umno.

Wira: What is there to worry? Never mind even if a lot of those are old trees because EPF and Petronas are there to prop up those shares when necessary, at least until the next election.

Smart move by the Kedah state government to get rid of their portfolio in FGV, which were bought in error.

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