Bersih 3.0: When cops turn robbers

VOXPOP 'The cops did not confiscate the cameras belonging to the press and the public. They grabbed and kept the cameras.'

Cop concedes it's wrong to confiscate press cameras

vox populi small thumbnailFerdtan: ASP Ong Beng Keong, we are not interested to hear from you that it is wrong of the police to confiscate press cameras - we know that even without you telling Suhakam.

As it is not an isolated random act by the police given that such illegal acts occurred in different places around Dataran Merdeka during Bersih 3.0, it must be a firm directive from top police officers.

We want to know who the officers who gave those instructions are. We would not be surprised if that trail leads to top government leaders. Those are the culprits we want caught, not the average police officers on the ground following orders.

Oscar Kilo: The cops did not confiscate the cameras belonging to the press and the public. They grabbed and kept the cameras.

My friend's expensive SLR camera was stolen by the police ‘samseng' (ruffians), never to be seen again. No documentation whatsoever.

Anonymous #19098644: The police are only following orders blindly. It is the fault of their political bosses - Umno - which has abused this state institution.

Keturunan Malaysia: We are not interested to hear ASP Ong, who only now conceding that confiscating cameras was wrong.

It is time the police punish the culprits who did it and people like Ong for not taking enough steps to make sure that it is absolutely costly for them to commit such wrongs.

We cannot tolerate excuses like these anymore. And you want us to trust the police?

Wira: Since there are no orders to confiscate cameras and personal belongings during an arrest, the police officers must individually and personally be made accountable for the damage and losses and for not following standard operating procedures.

YF: Talk is cheap. Any arrests so far? None. Any attempt at tracing the criminals so far? None. Any attempt to rebuke the force and implement reforms so far? None.

So what's the point of saying something that everyone has known all along, but doing nothing?

Janji Ditepati? More like ‘Kamera Dirampasi'. (Promises Kept? More like cameras seized).

'Journos put themselves in war zone during Bersih 3.0'

Hang Babeuf: "Journalists put themselves in war zone during Bersih 3.0," said ACP Jamaluddin Abdul Rahman at the Suhakam inquiry into alleged human rights abuses by authorities during the April 28 rally.

That may look like a strange claim. But it makes perfect sense - provided you decide, in the first place, that the situation is one where the government is waging war against its citizens.

Logical. Consistent. Just crazy. It is a view that some police decided to adopt on April 28. It is a view that this ACP grimly clings onto, even today.

Caesar's Wife: The site of the Bersih demonstration a "war zone"? How ludicrous.

The ACP needs a spell of duty in Syria or Afghanistan. Even at the height of the demonstrations in Tahrir Square, no journalists were assaulted or abused by the police. This man should be sacked.

Joker: Was there a war in Malaysia that the entire world did not know about? Journalists need to wear bullet proof vests while in Kuala Lumpur city centre?

And I thought Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and PM Najib Razak said Malaysia is the safest country in the world.

Armageddon: "If a riot occurs, they (the journalists) will be trapped between the two," argued ACP Jamaluddin. The question is, who started the riots, police or the demonstrators?

Anonymous_4196: War zone, what war zone? I thought it was a one-sided fight where the police did most of the beating, confiscating journalists' identification cards and camera?

Anonymous1234@): I blame BN for starting Bersih. If they have fair election, then there will not be a need for Bersih.

S'gor now blamed for possible power crisis

Lim Chong Leong: Selangor's water and electricity infrastructure had been laid out during all the years in which Umno was in power and suddenly there is crisis everywhere when Pakatan takes over for only four years?

The water and electric companies would be more believable if they were not Umno cronies placed there to rob the public.

The real major crisis was when the whole Malaysia had a blackout some 15 years ago. That too was under BN. No one was sacked. Every Umno crony connected got even richer for the ‘upgrading' of the grid. So enough of crying wolf.

Odin: Was Kampung Sungai Terentang already there when TNB (Tenaga Nasional) planned their distribution line? If the village was, then TNB should have taken it into consideration. As it has not, then it means that it did not care about the villagers.

On the other hand, if the village was not there, then TNB should now reroute the line to bypass the village for the sake of the villagers' health. Get the Selangor state government to bear part of the cost if necessary.

Since it is adamant about not compromising, then it is merely putting the Selangor government in a bad light just as Syabas has. Doubtless this must be PM Najib Razak's way of recapturing Selangor by hook or by crook.

Wira: TNB, if Selangor wants you to consider the alternative approach for the sake of the health of those residents, why are you rejecting that proposal? What is your bill for the diversion? Have you made that known to the state government?

Swipenter: Next BN would blame the Selangor state government for the current dry and hot spell. Sand mining in Selangor is a problem created by Umnoputras in the first place. So is the Talam problem, the water crisis and now the alleged power crisis.

In fact, the state government is doing a good job trying to clear and solve the mess left behind by the previous Umno-led administration.

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