Even police stations are not immune to crime

YOURSAY 'This is Kugan II. Also a suspected car thief. Also died within hours of detention. ‘Aspyxhia due to hanging' is like ‘died of water in the lungs'.'

Man dies in lock-up five hours after arrest

your sayAnonymous #07443216: OCPD Gan Kong Meng, you had better come out with the truth regarding Cheah Chin Lee's sudden death. Don't give us the stereotype reasons for Cheah's death or you may spark a public backlash.

PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) is known for such deaths in custody, if you don't find the culprit responsible for Cheah's death, then you have to face the wrath of the Penangnites.

Odin: The late Cheah was taken to Jalan Patani police headquarters for a urine test until 2am. He was then taken back to Tanjong Tokong police station at about 5am and was found dead 20 minutes later.

Questions: Why did it take some three hours to travel from Jalan Patani police HQ to Tanjong Tokong police station? How far apart are they? If he did indeed hang himself, something that had happened at the Jalan Patani police HQ must have driven him to it. What was it?

How did he hang himself? With his belt? Trousers? Shirt? Underwear? And from where did he hang himself?

ABU Member: This is unacceptable. The statistics on 'death in custody' is piling up yet we do not see any concrete moves by the government or the police to arrest this issue.

The reason given (suicide by the forensic department as alleged by a relative) came so quick that they must have been working overtime on the explanation.

Definitely a second opinion is needed to verify the first. My heart goes to the family of the deceased.

Hang Tuah PJ: I automatically was expecting the dead person to be an Indian Malaysian.

Loyal Malaysian: Another case of custodial death to add to the sad long list that taints the image of the PDRM.

Yet until the government shows it will not condone rogue action by members of the PDRM, the list will continue to grow.

Yes, we must remember Teoh Beng Hock and Ahmad Sarbaini's death at the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) as well - for they were at the hands of the enforcement arm of the government.

Both the PDRM and MACC are too politicised for their own good - they have forgotten what their real roles are. They must be transformed, but for that to happen we will have to boot the Umnoputras from Putrajaya.

Be-End: It looks like anyone who knows anything about car thefts is dead meat. Anantha Kugan was also hauled up for car theft issues, now this chap. Are there top police officials involved in car theft rings and are they killing people to keep this quiet?

The IGP (police chief) needs to unravel this urgently, after all Cheah was under police custody. How on earth did he die of "asphyxia due to hanging" whilst in custody?

The IGP cannot absolve himself of responsibility, but then the entire machinery is so corrupt there is no one clean to clear up this mess. Everybody seems to be compromised.

Lim Chong Leong: This is Kugan II. Also a suspected car thief. Also died within hours of PDRM detention. "Aspyxhia due to hanging" is like "died of water in the lungs". And one of their own will investigate.

Progressive: How in the name of heaven can the police investigate themselves. This has been going on and on and on.

There is enough crime out there. We are not safe anywhere. Now there is crime even within the police station - people die there. Where are we safe in this country of ours? Nowhere. It's time we make a change in this country.

Not Confused: Another disgusting incident that shows that the PDRM have zero integrity and are nothing but a bunch of thugs, hoodlums and most probably murderers.

I have absolutely no respect for any member of the PDRM. There must be a few good officers in the force, but none of them has the balls to stand up for what they know is right and expose their fellow officers. They are a bit like a mafia family, protecting one another.

Maplesyrup: When one enters the police station, one may end up dead, usually due to 'suicide'. When one enters MACC building, one ends up outside, often due to 'leaving' the building through its windows.

Even our National Service camps are not safe, with several campers dying due to one illness or another. Welcome to Malaysia.

Jkthum: Something is seriously wrong with PDRM. And their priorities and budgeting clearly reflects that.

Chipmunk: The only logic one could conclude is that there is a bigger picture to this 'murder in custody'. There must have been someone big in PRDM (Polis Raja Di Malaysia) who may have been deeply involved in the car theft ring.

And the late Cheah would have wanted to expose this syndicate and that would have caused a scandal and the stakes would have been too high. This looks like another TBH case with a twisted scenario.

Wira: What has the police done to the suspect that he chose to end his life in the lock-up? This is the same question asked by all of us as with Teoh Beng Hock's case.

Ren Ai: The fact that a custodial death has occurred is a blight on all Malaysians and the government of the day.

An independent body to investigate this death must have been appointed immediately and all personnel involved in the case be relieved of duties so as not to hamper investigations.

Post-mortem must also be done by pathologists who are above board. My sincere condolences to the next-of-kin of the deceased Malaysian.

Joker: In the United States and other 'civilised' countries, when in jail, one fears other inmates. In Malaysia, one also fears inmates, but if one is simply detained to 'assist in investigation' one needs to be terrified of the police.

Might as well confess to the crime first - at least you get to appear in court and defend yourself later on.

2ctsworth: Perhaps the police 'persuaded' him to commit suicide? A friendly persuasion is not a crime, mind you.

Teoh Beng Hock was also nicely persuaded, I believe. But we will never know for sure.

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