Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Pak Samad

YOURSAY ‘We should remain steadfast in our ‘Janji Bersih' campaign and not be cowed into submission by thuggish threats.'

Threatened with aggression, Samad cries 'peace'

your sayStop It Please: Well, well, well, this calls for a showdown. Let's all gather at Dataran Merdeka for the countdown on Aug 30.

We need all Bersih supporters to be there on Merdeka eve so that people such as Kuala Lumpur Petty Traders Action Council chairperson Jamal Md Yunus will not have any room to move, let alone act aggressively.

We shall be there for Bersih 3.5!

Chini Menangis: Jamal, open your hawker business from the morning of Aug 30 to the next evening, Aug 31, and see for yourself the amount of profit you will make throughout the period.

The gathering is a political game that will cause inconvenience to the public? Think, camel, think, who is inconveniencing whom?

Jkthum: I'm really looking forward to ‘Janji Bersih'. National laureate A Samad Said (Pak Samad) is right.

There's a part that doesn't make sense to me. I don't understand what the authorities or Jamal have to worry about. Unless they have got a lot to lose should we attain a just society.

Anonymous #19098644: Mahatma Gandhi practiced non-violence and overcame the might of the British empire. Nelson Mandela preached truth and reconciliation and overcame two centuries of apartheid.

Bersih practices peaceful gatherings and advocates clean and fair elections. It too will overcome the state-orchestrated violence and overcome wrong with fairness.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with Pak Samad and Ambiga Sreenevasan in this trial and contest between peacefulness versus violence. We shall not be intimidated.

Anonymous_4020: ‘Those who make peace impossible, make violence inevitable.' - John F Kennedy. The police must act on this criminal intimidation.

Appum: The ‘fish' has no senses. You have a gathering next to the government-sponsored one and this ikan bakar chap says the gathering inconveniences him.

Simple solution... just stay put in Sekinchan on that night.

Ipohcrite: We should remain steadfast in our ‘Janji Bersih' campaign and not be cowed into submission by thuggish threats.

We have been politically enslaved in our minds for far too long. Now's the time for us to speak up and stand up for our political future and make the government accountable to the rakyat.

Buttlelong: Pak Samad and Bersih are peaceful people seeking to celebrate Merdeka in style, i.e. to ask for clean and fair elections in a peaceful manner. Which type of Malaysian is against their noble quest? Only crooks, I suppose.

By making threats to "respond agressively", Jamal Md Yunus will have to bear full responsibility for any untoward incidents against the Bersih people. The police need to call him up now to explain his act of criminal intimidation.

Lamborghini: A stark contrast between the response of a true gentleman and the aggressive threat of a true samseng pretending to be a hero.

Save our currency: Why doesn't Jamal threaten or gempar Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil's husband, the former Selangor MB and the many other culprits to return the rakyat's money.

Human Being: Every first-year law student knows that such a statement from Jamal constitute a mens rea (intention) of assault. The police should immediately arrest him.

Odin: It would be good if Jamal explained what he meant by 'being aggressive'. That way, Pak Samad would be accorded the respect he deserves, and those who plan to be at the event would go suitably prepared.

Jedi_Who: Pak Samad is brave man. He has taken the responsibility to lead seeing that Ambiga was being victimised because of her gender and race.

If they hurt him in any way, there will be a bigger fallout in GE13 for the regime than they could ever imagine.

Avatar1: If today the opposition people were to just utter the same words "aggression"... the police will be on their toes to arrest everyone.

Isn't the statement by Jamal a threat to the implementation of the Peaceful Assembly Act? Perhaps Pak Samad should file a police report, although police may not act on the complaint.

At least, it would be for the record and to show who the real aggressors will be on that night.

Sabahan: There is a saying 'A barking dog does not bite'. That is an apt description of Jamal. Talks big but actually toothless and no genuine followers, except those waiting for his handouts. My advice is to just ignore him.

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