Gov't hounding Suaram a clear admission of guilt

YOURSAY 'What kind of a government harasses exposures of corruption and abuse of power if not for a government that is itself steeped in the acts.'

Suaram: Gov't persecuting us over Scorpene case

your sayJstom: Human rights group Suaram has already explained umpteenth times that they registered a company to operate their NGO as they found many restrictions in registering themselves as a society.

It doesn't mean that a company must trade. They receive donations for their activities, and it is not an 'investment receiving company' that the BN government is trying to frame them on.

So what if they had received funding from the Open Society Foundation (OSF)? After all, the fund has the same objectives as Suaram (good governance, anti-corruption, transparency, etc). It is obvious why the government is against it.

Absalom: Firstly, for all those with theories that the Germans, Americans and the rest of the world are so interested in Malaysia and plotting against the government, go look at the map of the world see how significant Malaysia is to them and what they get out of meddling in this country.

Secondly, if the ruling government has done such a splendid job and the leaders are spotlessly clean, why the paranoia about being overthrown.

Thirdly, if opposition and NGO leaders aren't going to be in a whistleblowing and human rights group such as Suaram, who is? Dr Mahathir Mohamad or other BN leaders? To speak up against themselves and their own atrocities?

And who is going to finance bodies like Suaram if not foreigners? Petronas? Any local sponsor will find themselves in hot soup if found out. This whole thing stinks.

Chicken Chop: Persecuting Suaram is an act of cowardice to save somebody's ass, but it is too late as we all already know what has happened in the Scorpene scandal.

Anonymous_3fe4: So what if Suaram is funded by a George Soros-linked fund. Is that a fund for terrorists?

Tholu: What kind of a government harasses and persecutes exposures of corruption and abuse of power if not for a government that is itself steeped in the acts - and yet this government claims to be the best democracy in the world.

It amazes me how the Malaysian government can think that 28 million of its people are gullible and easily fooled.

To the government of Malaysia, I have this to say - it is either you who are damn foolish or your overwhelming greed has blinded you.

You are not even fit to be the opposition when Pakatan Rakyat takes over Putrajaya in the coming GE. Your rightful place is in the burning hell. Your sins are too big even to be given an opportunity to be remorseful and to repent.

ABU_sed: For a case (the Scorpene inquiry) that the government has brushed off as "nothing", they sure as hell are spending a lot of time and public resources on trying to quash this "nothing".

Plainly: The hypocrite domestic trade minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob should look into his peers' bank accounts and ask about the legitimacy of the fat balances instead of trying to frame people for being righteous.

NH Gong: By now it should be too obvious that Umno is desperate and using every despicable trick in the book to threaten their opponents and critics.

Everything and anything that comes from them is utterly disgusting and shameless, if not idiotic, diabolical and psychotic.

Dood: It's clear to everyone what Umno-BN is trying to achieve by going after Suaram. No amount of mudslinging will make Umno-BN look like the innocent victim here.

Unspin: No matter how much they persecute Suaram, Najib (or the people who think that they are doing Najib a favour) are not going to change history. And the history was:

1) there were dubious commissions being paid on Scorpene;

2) a Mongolian woman was blasted with C4 explosives;

3) Abdul Razak Baginda was a close associate of Najib, and Abdul Razak's wife even exclaimed that "Razak was not the one who wanted to be PM"; and

4) the assassins were bodyguards of the Najib.

Kingfisher: I am reminded of a Russian proverb that states that the fish rots from the head.

Considering the dismal atmosphere in our nation's well-being in fairness, uprightness and moral responsibility in recent times, one wanders if the Russian proverb is an apt expression to say anything on the kind of leaders we have.

Anonymous #18452573: We all know that corruption is a team sport. It is impossible to act on your own for such big-scale corruption.

Ismail Sabri is just part of the team. But what is worst is he and many others may just be small minnows and pawns who are being used and manipulated by their political masters into protecting them.

Either which way, it is time for a new clean and fair government.

Good Men: You can't deny one thing though, this government is getting more and more transparent - in its persecution.

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