Najib taken captive by Umno's right wing

VOXPOP 'Poor Najib is in the pocket of ultra right-wing forces. He needs to pacify these forces to hang on to power.'

PM says 114A 'modern, forward-looking' legislation

vox populi small thumbnailKgen: How can section 114A of the Evidence Act prevent slander and cyber-bullying when the perpetrators can hide behind an innocent identity knowing that the police will only go after whoever is depicted as the author?

They know that the police will be too lazy to investigate because they have a ready-made scapegoat who must prove his innocence, which is almost impossible.

Swipenter: Innocent unless proven guilty or guilty unless proven innocent - which do you prefer? This is aimed at controlling and not facilitating the correct and responsible use of the Internet.

I rather prefer you free a guilty person due to lack of proof and evidence than to convict an innocent person without proof and evidence. This is gross injustice of the worst kind. How forward looking can that be?

iBoleh: Najib is making the same mistake to defend the decision not to review section 114A, similar to what he did when his deputy claimed he is Malay first, Malaysian second.

His deputy went against what he had tweeted when he was away overseas. His leadership and command will be in jeopardy if he doesn't put his foot down.

Mushiro: Why did Najib instruct the cabinet to discuss the 114A in the wake of criticisms? But the cabinet which was chaired by DPM Muhyiddin Yassin decided not to review it. Did Najib get the message?

Vgeorgemy: Poor Najib is in the pocket of ultra right-wing forces. He needs to pacify these forces to hang on to power.

Bender: Care to debate on that 'forward looking' claim, Najib? Because I don't see how such blunder that you call 'legislation' can be described as forward looking.

Oh, right, debate is not our culture. So, part of forward looking is to accept whatever people like you say without question.

Anomnim: We are not arguing that we don't need that law, we are arguing that because the burden of proof now falls on the people who could not command the resources required to come up with the evidence to clear themselves.

Can you imagine a rape victim having to proof that the rapist is the culprit?

Cantabrigian: What nonsense is this? No matter how modern and forward looking we are, the principle of law is still the same over the past 20 centuries - that a person is innocent unless proven guilty.

Puchong Mali: It is indeed ‘forward looking' for Third World politicians who still dream of holding on to power in this age of Internet.

Suaram probe: CCM denies 'selective prosecution' claim

Ez24get: A super task force of six agencies - the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM), Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), Bank Negara, Registrar of Societies, the police and Home Ministry - to probe puny human rights group Suaram.

It looks more like a task force to discuss how to nail Suaram. They haven't had anything concrete against Suaram and now they pooling their resources together.

It's shameful that these servants of the rakyat are helping their political masters to conceal the Scorpene corruption.

Slumdog: Please tell us which law Suaram has breached for receiving foreign funding and what is the big deal if the organisation is not registered. A simple letter from CCM asking Suaram to register should fix the problem.

So based on one complaint alone, Umno summons the resources of six agencies to probe Suaram. Isn't that a tad heavy-handed?

How can government agencies demonstrate impartiality when they ignore all the other vile acts perpetrated by Umno politicians and their cronies.

Ferdtan: This is the most ridiculous abuse of power by the enforcing agencies - to meet when they have no clue what offence Suaram had committed.

If they can't quote the relevant section of the law Suaram had allegedly committed, then it proves that Suaram is not guilty at all.

What they are saying is that "we are sure Suaram is breaking the law, but we don't know which one".

Not Confused: No, CCM chief Mohd Naim Daruwish, it is clear as day to those of us who have good vision that this is selective persecution.

You selectively harass those who oppose the corrupt government of Najib, but the cronies that really need investigating are ignored or their files lay on someone's desk for years until they disappear under the dust.

Please don't insult our intelligence by making ridiculous statements - it's better to keep quiet rather than confirm your idiocy.

Rayfire: CCM chief, your statement about the need for the six agencies to meet to work out their respective jurisdiction seems to suggest that CCM was not sure why they were going after Suaram in the first place.

May we know who is the complainant is and on what basis his/her/their complaint was taken to be legitimate? Is there any strong evidence to back their claim?

Please, we were not born yesterday. Logic seems to be the last thing we should expect from these high-ranking officials. Pathetic.

Dr Chin Tu Lan: When was the last time these government agencies met to discuss such an issue or complaint. Do they meet every month and is it their standard SOP (standard operating procedure)? If not, then it's selective prosecution.

If I write a letter to complain about an organisation in Malaysia, will these six agencies sit to discuss the complaint?

Gosh, please give a better explanation. It's insulting the intelligence of most Malaysians.

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