We will be left holding Lynas' baby

YOURSAY 'I don't see Australia importing radioactive earth and soil by the boatloads from Malaysia any time soon.'

Australian lawmaker mocks Lynas' predicament

Kgen: Rare earth processing plant Lynas has nothing to worry as long as Umno remains in power. As for the export of waste, I'm sure their buddy, the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB), will close two eyes.

Swipenter: Western Australia legislative council member Robin Chapple must not be aware of our infamous "sounds like, looks like me, but it is not me" defence strategy.

If Umno-BN stays in power, Lynas is safe in keeping the waste in Malaysia. We are pretty sure AELB is just play acting on behalf of Lynas and the Umno-led administration for the time being.

Hmmmmmmmm: I don't think there was any initial intention to ship the wastes back to Australia because they had never expected there to be such a backlash from the Malaysians. Now they are caught in a quandary.

If they can't ship the wastes back, they could always ship Malaysians who do not want to live with the radioactive wastes in their backyard to Australia. They can then dump the wastes here after that.

NuckinFuts: When entering Australia, the quarantine personnel at the airport are so strict they won't even allow you to bring in hiking shoes that are covered in mud and dirt from elsewhere.

I don't see Australia importing radioactive earth and soil by the boatloads from Malaysia any time soon.

Absalom: An interesting comparison of the class of elected office bearers here with that in Australia.

From our officials, we heard that the waste will be perfectly safe, no cause for concern or alarm. The Aussies are steadfast and firm in their decision not to accept even a remote possibility of endangering their people.

The lives of Malaysians, in the minds of our decision makers, are dispensable. The irony is that some of the corrupt leaders here who sell our country cheap and get obscenely rich will find such Australian standards good for them to invest their ill-gotten riches in properties, ranches, bungalows and penthouses there.

Anonymous #07443216: Malaysians can see for themselves now, the Australian's cabinet is not corrupted to the core unlike Malaysia's, which is rotting from the head down.

Ferdtan: Sigh, how we wish all our BN ministers are like Robin Chapple, the state lawmaker from Western Australia.

See how he tells off Lynas in no uncertain terms that there is no way Australia would take back the radioactive waste back from Malaysia. The statement is as clear as daylight - no compromise when it comes to protection of their people's well-being.

The BN ministers and the Lynas shareholders think that Malaysians' lives are cheap. To all Malaysians, if you don't want your children and grandchildren to suffer from the bad effect of the radioactive waste in future, make sure your votes count.

Teach the BN government a lesson they will never forget for taking our lives for granted.

Anonymous #07443216: This is the best news from Down Under. Lynas is now landed with a baby nobody wants, not even its own biological parent in Western Australia. How refreshing.

Maybe former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad can offer his backyard. Just a thought.

Anonymous1234@: People be careful, it look like we must make sure BN does not win in the next GE. If they do, I can bet that BN will make a deal with Lynas, and at the end of the day, the waste will be dumped in Malaysia.

BN will come up with cock-and-bull story to justify this. They don't care about the rakyat, all they just care about is money.

Schumie: Remember, Lynas only pays a security deposit for TOL (temporary operation licence) of RM10 million per annum whilst they are making billions every year.

Which means that they can stockpile their waste as temporary measure for a few years and then run away from our country when they cannot export the waste. By then, we will be left with a few millions ringgit to clean up the mess, which is not enough.

Rubystar_4037: I agreed with Schumie. The radioactive waste will be 'stored' temporary in Malaysia and the authorities, with the blessing of Umno, will then buried it somewhere in the country.

There is no way the Australians will be accepting all these radioactive waste. But since this is a done deal and all the various pockets from the top to the issuing authorities have been lined, these cronies will find a way out for the radioactive to stay in our own backyard.

Anonymous #02382443: "It (Lynas) didn't consult with community on shipping its... ores through Fremantle port, and it certainly hasn't consulted on shipping back the... waste... Talk about being left holding the baby!" said Chapple.

Reading this last paragraph, it seems, Lynas will also have problem shipping the ore from Australia through the Fremantle port.

If the Aussie government views so seriously, even with regards to unprocessed ore, we must be nuts to have allowed the processing to be carried out here!

Dr Jag#04496187: Our AELB did not do its homework. The AELB is liable, accountable and responsible. As usual, the Putrajayans try to close the barn door after the horse has fled.

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