Minister hapless in KKIA runway blackout

VOXPOP 'The simple reason is that the budget allocated for the lighting has gone into someone's pocket and an inferior lighting system had to be used instead.'

Gov't orders probe into KK airport runway blackout

vox populi small thumbnailJbsuara Even when the poorly planned, costly and dubious Automated Enforcement System (AES) traffic summons system is still being debated, we now have this blackout and the malfunctioning of the Kota Kinabalu airport runway lighting.

The transport minister is clueless and inept. Yet for Umno-BN, this is acceptable. Ultimately, it is the rakyat who are at the receiving end of such incompetent leaders.

Anonymous_4144: Politics aside, the government must get to the root cause of the problem. The runway lights blackout could have caused a disaster. Imagine a plane on landing approach just about to touch down suddenly finding the lights have gone out.

Airport runway lights should have been designed with contingencies; apparently last Thursday everything failed, including the backup systems. The authorities still do not know the cause.

Come on, if you don't know, then you shouldn't be operating an airport. Step aside and let someone more competent do the job.

Chipmunk: One thing about the current Malaysian government is this: they will only react when the situation is out of control.

All this can be seen from past experiences: the Highland Towers collapse in 1993; the Taman Hillview bungalows collapse in 2002; the SARS outbreak in 2003; the tsunami in 2004; the national flood in 2006/2007; the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide in 2008; the Perak suspension bridge collapse in 2009; the H1N1 outbreak in 2009/2010; landslides in 2010/2011; and the mother of all disaster between 1981-2003 that is the rule of former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

And the latest being the Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) runway without lights. So much for emergency preparedness in Malaysia. It is a total shame that this can happen.

The simple reason is that all the supposed budget allocated for the lighting has gone into someone's pocket, and so an inferior quality lighting system had to be used instead. Someone got rich by the millions. Did the auditor-general audit the KKIA airport?

So much has been said about this, but I can tell you that this government will just take it easy until something bad happens.

Headhunter: Another screw-up that will end up with no one being punished, as usual. Transport Minister Kong Cho Ha is just trying to worm his way out. It's time he resigned, with one boo-boo after another since his tenure.

Guna Otak Sikit: Another vow from a hapless minister. We know how these ministers would like to ‘vow' after an incident happens. They vow this, and vow that.

Then, we will not hear anything else. After a while, everything is forgotten and everything is back to business as usual.

Remember how the many bus accidents happened last year and the many deaths that it caused? Did we see any action or improvement after that? Nothing.

So, we can see these politicians vowing all the time, knowing full well that at the end of the day, no one is responsible or held accountable. This is Malaysia Boleh for you.

Anonymous#70866269: Another knee-jerk response from a BN minister, and like always no one will be caught and punished. Which is how BN has operated for the past five decades.

'Like me!' Chong Wei invites Facebook fans to wedding

MW: I am all for sports personality maximising their commercial value. After all, it's a short career. However, I think badminton champion Lee Chong Wei (LCW) needs a new public relations team.

This is a stunt that lose you much goodwill and make you look cheap. Discerning sponsors will have to think twice about associating with you and the fallout of the negative press. You are going from hero to zero and becoming a bad role model.

Mushiro: LCW, do not allow politicians to hijack your wedding celebrations unless you willingly want to get involve in their political party.

Do you realise that you are losing your popularity because people suspect that you are backing some political party.

Just because the government pay you well or even overpay you, it does not mean that you have to blindly support the BN. It is difficult, but you have to steer clear from politics.

Anonymous #70881335: A wedding should be a very private personal affair, Chong Wei. You look nice enough, don't let those around you turn your wedding into a circus.

Otak_Otak: Success has gone to Chong Wei's head. This is worst kind of publicity seeking. I am not attending, hence no ‘angpow' for you.

Kelate: LCW, this is your wedding and it is your big day. Do not let others spoilt it. Many make negative comments, many do not agree with your way but it is still your day, not theirs.

Who you choose to invite is your (and your wife-to-be's) decision to make. None of us should insult you, even though we may not agree with your way (as we also do not want others to insult our ways that they do not agree with). Have an enjoyable wedding!

Gordon Gecko: Here's my submission for LCW's wedding dinner contest. I want to be invited for LCW's wedding dinner party because:

"I'm a typical greedy Malaysian who loves free food, and may your main course be as good as your smashes and the dessert as sweet as your lovely wife - Ah Choo."

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