Malaysiakini site under attack, again

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Malaysiakini has again come under a denial of service (DOS) attack as the news portal was in the midst of providing live reports on the People’s Uprising Rally today.

The attack, which began at about 12.08pm, was more debilitating than previous attacks. It shut down the website for about an hour before the Malaysiakini technical team was able to get it back up.

Malaysiakini was still under attack this evening and to overcome it, the site was serving a light version which displays only today’s live reports.

However, readers could access other reports through the hotlinks at the bottom of the page.

Malaysiakini was attacked during the Sarawak state election and Bersih 2.0 rally in 2011, as well as Bersih 3.0 last year.

“The attacks are getting more and more sophisticated. We expect to face similar attacks, if not worse, during the upcoming general election,” said editor-in-chief Steven Gan.

He said that changes made to the Malaysiakini server infrastructure had helped the portal to get on top of today’s attacks.

Nevertheless, the attacks have affected Malaysiakini ’s subscription system, so the website is being made accessible to all - subscribers and non-subscribers - as long as the attacks continue.

UPDATE: Later this evening, the normal Malaysiakini front page was restored.

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