Umno sec-gen livid over video linking BN to Project IC

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VIDEO l 59 secs  

BN secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor has denied that the coalition issued identity cards to foreigners, as alleged in a video he received yesterday.

Instead, Tengku Adnan claimed, the video clip came from the opposition and it was sent to him anonymously through the smartphone application WhatsApp . The video is already available on YouTube .

NONE "We didn't do that... don't they have better things to do? This is a dirty tactic," he said when contacted yesterday.

The 59-second clip shows a group of persons - purportedly Bangladeshis - running while shouting "police!" several times, among other scenes.

It then shows the group apparently squatting on the ground after being arrested, but a police officer approaches them and says, "Why run? I just want to give identity cards."

"The voice (in the video) is not from the police, but someone else," said Tengku Adnan, who is also known as ‘Ku Nan'.

The video clip also shows the words "You help me, I help you" during the scene where the identity cards are handed over.

This is followed with the words "Don't be surprised, under BN even foreign workers can vote" in the next scene. The clip then ends with the words "Say ‘no' to BN" alongside a crossed-out image of the BN flag.

Umno added the word 'slander'


obtained a copy the original version of the video from Tengku Adnan, as well as the other version uploaded on YouTube that has the word "Slander" superimposed throughout the video.

NONE Tengku Adnan admitted that the word "slander" was added by Umno for the YouTube version.

The edited video also ends with the words "This is the work of those who are desperate to gain power."

When Tengku Adnan, who is also the Putrajaya MP, was asked if he would lodge a police report over the matter, he said he would need to inform the Umno and BN leaderships on the matter first.

Further on this matter in his Facebook page, Tengku Adnan makes a scathing attack on the opposition, saying it "likes to slander, lies to manipulate and does all kinds of dirty work".

"Never mind, never mind... A transparent government never takes such action, BN is transparent and the prime minister has already signed the integrity pledge. The opposition is out of (political) capital, and has nothing better to do.

"Imagine what would the government be like if these liars win the general election... God save us all," he says.

The government has already formed a royal commission of inquiry to investigate the issue of illegal aliens in Sabah, and its proceedings are going on in Kota Kinabalu.

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