Bid to burn DAP's campaign truck with kerosene

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One of DAP’s election campaign trucks has become the latest victim of political violence ahead of the much-awaited national polls.

A kerosene bottle had allegedly been thrown at the modified three-tonne truck - dubbed as ‘Ubah Dream Machine’ - in Kulai, Johor, at around 2am today.

DAP Wanita deputy publicity chief Wong Shu Qi said the graphic on the truck was slightly damaged due to the burn.

NONE “Luckily no one had been hurt in the incident, as our member had woken up in the middle of the night and heard the sound. He didn't sleep for the whole night (after the incident),” she posted on her Facebook page.

When contacted later, Wong said that DAP members had taken the truck for campaigning efforts in Skudai last night before driving to the house of a party member in Kulai.

‘A despicable and irresponsible act’

According to Wong, DAP memberm, Fam Onn was alerted to the incident when he woke up at about 2.10am and managed to put out the fire by himself.

She said the 63-year-old was forced to stay awake the whole night in order to guard the truck before informing the party leaders about the incident at around 7am.

Wong believes the perpetrator had flung the missile at the Ubah truck across the house gate.

She has also accompanied Fam to lodge a police report on the incident this morning.

Wong further condemned “certain groups” for resorting to such “despicable and irresponsible acts in order to scare away our voters”.

“Though BN is now a caretaker government, I urge Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to come out with a strong statement that there will be a peaceful transition should Pakatan take over federal power in the next election,” she said.

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