For BN, heads I win, tails you lose

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YOURSAY 'Wise decision, Anwar. Leverage on your strength. This is no time to test our ego by proving that you can be a hero in Perak.'

Anwar: I'm staying put in Permatang Pauh

your say Goh Keat Peng: When Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim was thinking of going to Perak, the other side said he was afraid of defending his seat in Penang. Now that he is staying put in Penang, predictably the other side is now saying that he is afraid of going to Perak.

So if you listen to the other side, he will be buried if he stayed in Penang, and he will be buried if he goes to Perak. Heads I win, tails you lose.

Many have long since stopped listening to the other side and no longer allow them to sidestep their own failings and wrongdoings by aiming their missiles at the change which frightens them.

Whatsupdude: Wise decision, Anwar. Leverage on your strength. This is no time to test our ego by proving that you can be a hero in Perak.

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang (LKS) can do that in Gelang Patah with Chinese support, but he may not have the same response from Malay voters. You will need to help Kit Siang in Gelang Patah and deliver the Malay votes.

Better My: "I came back to the kampung and someone told me, how can the next prime minister come from Tambun?" Anwar stressed.

That "someone" is wrong. Any aspiring leader can be the next prime minster from any electorate in Malaysia. In saying that, an opportunity is lost for Anwar to lead the way to increase Pakatan Rakyat's chance that little bit more by doing what LKS and PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub have done.

However, the new argument for his assured re-election in Permatang Pauh and this allows him more freedom to roam the nation in support of others is a compelling one.

LittleGiant: Although it may be the right choice and the right strategy for Anwar to remain in Permatang Pauh, he should not have hinted or talked about contesting in Perak unless he was 100 percent sure of switching his constituency.

As a veteran politician and leader of the opposition, Anwar should know that even the slightest flip-flop in his comments or decisions could easily frustrate and disappoint his supporters all over the country, and this in turn could cost him a sizeable amount of precious votes.

In fact, all Pakatan Rakyat leaders should exercise caution and care when they make any comment or statement now that they have to face the electorate and receive maximum support.

Vijay47: Some people will act as though Anwar committed some terrible sin by considering standing in Tambun. Hey! A general must weigh all options and this is exactly what he did.

Since Permatang Pauh is in the bag, it would have been wise for him to foray into Tambun and convert a 'maybe' seat into a sure thing for Pakatan. What is wrong with that?

The fact that he took into account emotions and the sentiments of the people of Permatang Pauh speaks highly of him - sometimes it is better for us to pay heed to the softer side of our supporters. That's what Anwar did.

It is not as though he is foraging around for the safest seat available. All the Pakatan leaders are leaving the safety of their own backyard and going right into the lion's den to take on the devil.

This speaks tons of their commitment and confidence and the mere fact that they are doing it will make Umno and gang tremble.

Would a BN member dare to venture into the enemy's fortress and challenge him to battle? Only when pigs fly.

Kheng: I opined all Pakatan component parties leaders should contest in safe seats in order to campaign and shore up support for opposition candidates around the country.

They should go on a blitz and hit all the rural areas and towns to put their message across. I expect the campaign period to be short and there is not much time to campaign both in their own seat and travel around the country.

Kuning: Honestly, Anwar, you better not come to Tambun. Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah, the second finance minister and godbrother to Najib Razak, has been contesting in Tambun since 1995 and he has good following there.

You should have opted for either Gopeng or Lumut. Since you are not, I and many of my friends think you should stay put in Permatang Pauh. It is unfortunate that Perak PKR would lose a major moral booster but it is for the better.

Husni is not going to be easy to challenge. His relationship with his constituents is quite good and he has pumped in close to RM750 million since 2008 into the constituency for various projects and community support. It would be a very risky thing for a PM prospect to contest in a risky seat.

Clever Voter: Anwar, some may accuse you of self-interest, while others will blame you for everything, but to most this is a wise choice. Help others to get the numbers, show them the leadership, and all will fall into place. Change we must, and now.

Artchang: Our future prime minister is Anwar Ibrahim. We will support him wherever he contest. Malaysia needs him to bring back the billions swindled by former and present BN leaders.

Inohu: A very bad start for Anwar. This just showed how easily he changes his mind. How can we trust such person as PM.

What happen if Malaysia is facing a financial or other form of crisis that need firm and decisive leadership? We had a flip-flop PM in the form of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, we don't need another one.

Cantabrigian: Flip-flop? Who cares. If Permatang Pauh vote Anwar as MP and eventually he becomes the prime minister, who will be having the last laugh?

NewbornSabah: In the previous election, Anwar was not standing any seat and he campaigned around the country and the result was encouraging.

Contest in Permatang Pauh and campaign around the country again in this election - let more people hear you and let the wind of change blow even stronger this time.

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