Jui Meng secures strong backing from Segamat DAP

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Despite earlier protests by DAP grassroots against Johor PKR chief Chua Jui Meng's candidature for the Segamat parliamentary seat, local leaders of all three Pakatan Rakyat component parties yesterday displayed their full support for Chua.

Segamat DAP chief Pang Hok Liong, who had earlier threatened to take on Chua as an independent, appeared together with other DAP members at almost all of Chua's campaign events yesterday, including  press conferences, dinner, ceramah and the launching of the PKR operations centre.

NONE During a ceramah, Pang ( standing, with microphone ), who was DAP candidate for the Segamat seat in the 2008 general election, stressed that BN is the common enemy of all Pakatan component parties.

“I have been in politics for about 26 years. Many would have thought that I will not turn up for this Pakatan event. Well, they are wrong. Our common enemy is BN, not our Pakatan comrades.

“Before the candidacy decision is made, of course it is natural for politicians to lobby and fight for seats. Now that the decision has been made, we must close ranks and fight our common political enemy.

“This is my sixth general election campaign and I am not stupid. BN must fall,” he said.

Pang not only promised that he would not contest as an independent to split the votes, but also gave his commitment that Segamat DAP election machinery will assist Chua to capture Segamat , whose incumbent  is caretaker Human Resources Minister Dr S Subramaniam.

Pas to garner Malay support for Pakatan

Pang is tipped to represent DAP in Jementah, a state seat under Segamat. He contested both Segamat and Jementah in the last general election.

NONE Among the events yesterday, Chua and Pang raised a giant flag pole ( left ) bearing the flags of the three Pakatan component parties in the constituency.

Chua repeatedly thanked Pang for the show of solidarity and hoped that the latter will be fielded in Jementah.

“I am touched by the lunch and the welcoming ceremony with DAP members and campaigners turning up in full force to show their support.

azlan “I thought I have to start from scratch to fight with a BN minister.

“I wish to thank the locals here for their display of support, especially Pang for his sacrifice for the rakyat, especially the people of Segamat,” Chua told a luncheon attended by Pakatan campaigners.

Not only Pang, but PAS candidate for the Tenang by-election in January 2011 Normala Sudirman also showed up to express her support for Chua.

“PAS will go all out to garner Malay support for Pakatan, irrespective of race and religion (of the candidate).”

Normala announced that PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat will be in Segamat on April 14 for a ceramah for that purpose.

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