ROS, why wait until now to act?

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YOURSAY ‘How disgusting! I had suspected this would happen. Pulling the carpet from under DAP at the very last moment.’

ROS does not recognise DAP's top leadership

Geronimo: Hold your horses, everyone. Don't panic yet. In my humble opinion, the ROS only mentioned that they don't recognise the DAP’s central executive committee (CEC).

They did not declare that DAP is now an illegal entity. This means DAP leaders still can contest under its party symbol and name, but need to resolve the CEC soonest.

I have encountered such problems before when I was chairperson of a couple of voluntary bodies. What we did was to reconvene another AGM within 30 days to re-elect the office bearers and informed the ROS accordingly. I believe this is the same in the case of DAP.

The only difference is that the bodies I represented were small in membership and it was fairly easy to organise another AGM.

But in the case of DAP, it will involve more than 2,000 members and it will be another nightmare to arrange for accommodation and other logistics to fly the members to and from the venue. Perhaps, that is the reason why DAP decided against the idea of holding another gathering.

Reformasi101: Registrar of Societies (ROS) checkmates DAP with its ‘technical glitch’ two days before nomination. Who is behind this, wild guess anyone?

Multi Racial: We know what BN chief Najib Abdul Razak and BN are capable of doing. But the fact remains, DAP, in particular secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, screwed up this thing big time.

He should know in every political party there are plenty of disgruntled party members who will always find reasons to complain. As for ROS, this is also an opportunity for them to show to Malaysians how neutral they are.

There is no need to de-register the party. They can fine them and request them to conduct their party elections within six months. I hope it happens that way.

DAP, on the other hand, should prepare for the worst case scenario so that when it happens, they can still be involved in the GE.

This GE is the mother of all GEs and it is the first time ever Pakatan Rakyat, which DAP is a member, has a chance to win. In fact, I believe Pakatan will win this time.   

Ynwa: Lim has done wonders for Penang. Let's not take away this achievement of Penang state government.

It is issues like these that make me believe BN is led by incompetent, greedy and self-serving warlords. That includes former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad. God is with us, those who want to see free and fair elections.

Anonymous_3e86: How disgusting! I had suspected this would happen. Pulling the carpet from under the DAP at the very last moment. I hope DAP has plan B ready.   

Lenin: The problem here is that while I sympathise with DAP leaders, they should have got their act together. It should have rectified this at an early stage.

Computer glitches does not speak well for their competency when they are busy advising the Election Commission (EC) on how to conduct elections.

Fair&Just: DAP should have taken remedial measures once ROS was keen to investigate but their arrogance knows no bound. DAP has been here decades but can still fall into such bureaucracy trap.

You should always be vigilant until you are in government, now can kiss goodbye to hope of being in Putrajaya. The BN regime is good at such abuse of power so beware of your next step.

CHKS: I don't think former DAP national vice-chairperson Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim alone has that strong of an influence. Thank you, BN. You are making the rakyat more angry now.

DAP, remember, the harder you fall, the stronger you will bounce back. I am very sure this will not deter the spirit and energy of DAP. In fact, I predict this will win them even more votes.

Ghkok: It is really not advisable for ROS to approach things this way. Not advisable at all. This is the worst kind of oppression, repression and suppression. It’s tyranny at its most despicable.

Eskay: This will definitely backfire on BN. When will our civil servants understand that they are paid by the taxpayers, not BN?

If other parties take over, they will still get their pay. What they need to do is to be loyal to the country and do their duty properly.

Maplesyrup: As expected, this only goes to show that under the BN government, every government institution, including those involved in law enforcement, is firmly under the control of the executive.

Is this what Malaysians want? Is this what Malaysians deserve after 55 years of independence from our colonial masters? Is BN our new colonial master?

DAP is an opposition party, and we know what they are up against. I trust the DAP leaders to know what to do. If they need to play safe, stand under PAS.

Who knows, it may help garner some extra votes for them.

Ib: This smacks of bullying. You cannot stop fools from shooting themselves, can you?

Most Malaysians have a moral compass and using ROS to bully DAP will turn decent people against the perpetrator.

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