#BebasAnwar cries arson over threat to 'Save Anwar' billboards

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The NGO #BebasAnwar is crying arson over threats to burn down billboards featuring jailed former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

The billboards are part of a campaign calling for Anwar's freedom but have courted ire from his opponents.

"As mentioned before, the #BebasAnwar billboards have received the approval of the respective local councils.

"In Malaysia, arson is a crime. Persons found guilty of arson will face imprisonment of seven to 20 years, plus a fine as provided under Sections 435, 436 and 438 of the Penal Code," the NGO warned in a statement today.

This comes after Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos ( photo ) called for the burning of one such billboard in Ampang at 3pm today.

"Violence and thuggish politics, as shown by Jamal Yunos, are rejected by all peace-loving Malaysians.

"The burning of the billboard will affect shops and houses in the vicinity of Ampang Point.

"Is Jamal now a 'gangster with a licence'?" #BebasAnwar asked.

It said ttat in light of the threat, local residents as well as leaders from PKR would be lodging police reports.

"We have full confidence that the police will take this seriously and carry out investigations professionally, coupled with the necessary measures," it said.

Anwar was in February last year jailed five years for sodomy, a charge he claims is politically motivated.

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